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Assumptions about me pt.2|Recommend me songs?


So today isn’t the regular Blogtober post. I’ve been occupied with planning Jimin’s birthday posts and I also started working last week so I haven’t had time to draft more Blogtober posts but since I already made a commitment of posting everyday in October then I have to do just that.

Yes everyone, I’m a woman of my words😌 (sometimes)

So instead of an highlight of 2021 post, we would be reacting to more of your assumptions. If you missed the first part and would like to check it out (click here). To those that sent theirs later, I hope you didn’t think I forgot you cause I didn’t 🥺. I’ll be reacting to your assumptions today and then we have a cute segment at the end.

Shall we?


1.You own a lot of jeans (taking a wild guess here)

Okay so I went to count and I actually have 6 jeans and then I own pallazos, Ankara pants, readymade pants that aren’t jeans but they should all count so that’s quite a lot😂

2.You don’t enjoy math…

Hmmm I’m not about this. I don’t enjoy math when I don’t understand it but if I understand it, then I enjoy it😂

3. You don’t enjoy sports?

I’m not a sports person, actually. I prefer playing indoor games but I have recently taken an interest in tennis. I haven’t acted on it though 💀 one day

4. You like cats

I like cats. They’re very cute but I don’t think I’d ever own one. I’m more of a dog person🤍


1. You have curly hair

Yes, my hair is pretty curly!

2. You loveee BTS

Of course I loveeeeeeeeee BTS

3. You lovee chocolates and cupcakes and doughnuts and everything sweet

I like chocolates but I don’t fancy cupcakes, cakes or pastries. I don’t know why🥺

Maybe I had too much as a kid.

4. You loveee music

Yes, music is a big part of my life.

5. You lovee blogging

Yassss🤩🤩. Blogging also a major part of my life.

6. You love reading

Yes, I really enjoy reading stuff that interests me.

7. You are probably tired of me writing “loveee” here

Nooo, I’m not😂. You can keep going!


And that is the end of me reacting to your assumptions! Thank you to Sabrina and Roshni for sending in your assumptions, I really enjoyed answering them🤍

Moving on to the next thing, I’m planning a “Reacting to Songs you recommended” post so I’d like you to recommend songs you’d like me to listen to. Any artist at all, I’m open to recommendations from every genre so make sure to comment your fave songs below and I’ll be listening and reacting to them pretty soon!

Thank you for reading till the end! Love ya!🤍


23 replies on “Assumptions about me pt.2|Recommend me songs?”

I have a list, but just listen to the ones you want to 🥺
1. Butterfly by Loona
2. Paint the Town by Loona
3. Queendom by Red Velvet
4. The Feels by Twice
5. Rollin’ by Brave Girls
6. Palette by IU
7. Anti-Romantic by TXT

I loved this post! 💜🪐

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ok so here are my recommendations ☺️:
the WHOLE sour album (Olivia Rodrigo)
thumbs and why (Sabrina carpenter)
lie lie lie (Joshua Bassett 😂)
lover remix (Taylor swift and Shawn mendes)
I think I kinda you know (Olivia Rodrigo)
hope u enjoy 🤍

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Loved knowing a little bit more about you 💜 I’ll also recommend 7 songs, here you go…
1. Breathe – Little Mix
2. Big Chance – SuperM
3. Middle of the night – Monsta X
4. Magic Carpet Ride – NCT 127
5. Vicio – Selena Gomez
6. Heartbreak Anniversary – Giveon
7. Long Flight – Taeyong
And add lots of bts songs here that I know you’ve already listened to a thousand times 😄😄

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