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Reacting to Weverse posts 🤡💜

Hey guysssss

It’s Ib here…again!

I decided to do something fun with you guys. Today, we’ll be reacting to the first 10 posts on Weverse!

If you don’t know about Weverse, it’s an app made for artists and their fans to have a closer relationship with each other. Here, artists share mundane things about their lives with their fans and vice versa. You can also check out “Types of Armys on Weverse”.

I always go to Weverse when I want to relax, unwind and have a good laugh and that is what we’ll be doing today! Hopefully we get funny posts 😂 cause sometimes Armys be 🥴

Okay let’s get started!

This fandom is truly crazy😂😂💔 but Jin is known for his dad jokes so😂💜 Jin’s dad jokes are “leJINdary” 😂😂

The next two were from the new FILA ad. There are going to be quite a number of posts reacting to the pictures but FILA did well (they always do well), they all look really good✨

Armys are literally the most creative people on earth cause howwww??? I always look at their drawings and I’m just speechless 😭✋🏽look at the tattoos! And even his face🥺 oh to be so talented 🤲🏽

Cr: #maxcelle🌻 on Weverse

Gurlllll, I haven’t watched Squid Game yet (don’t kill me) but every movie needs the Kim Taehyung so yes please!!!✋🏽

I don’t know what or where this is🧍🏽‍♀️. Someone tell me in the comments! But yes, it looks beautiful especially with the sky but it also looks some draped a building with white bedsheets and tied it up so that’s weird but it’s really lovely.


I had to include the comments cause Armys are always so cute and supportive 🥺💜. We’re all just one big family and it really warms my heart!

JK using his toes to hold the mirror so he can clean his ears😭😂. Reminds me of the time he used his chopsticks to squeeze out the sauce for his noodles or instead of cleaning his tears like a normal human, he would just swat his tears away😂😂

He literally never does anything the way everyone does😂😂

Not the Sprite😂😂😭. Also Hobi is already taken…by me! So y’all need to relax.

Yes please slap me, I don’t mind 😭😭✋🏽. Slap me directly to the front row seats at the stadium. I’m kidding 😂😂… maybe not👀

And for our last post!

Happy Birthday to our queen, Halseyyyy💖💖✨Thanks for being amazing to the Tannies and making them smile and laugh a lot. Wishing you the best birthday everrrr🤍


Alright guysss! That concludes today’s post! Hope this made you smile a little bit todayyy! Do let me know if you want a part II and also if you know that structure, please tell me🥺

Catch you all laterrr!!! 🤍🤍🤍


16 replies on “Reacting to Weverse posts 🤡💜”

Haha! OMG! I loved this! ARMY is so creative and funny, and YES very supportive! Not only of our boys but also of each other. It’s really one of the best fandoms ever. That beautiful drawing of JK and the “Squid Game” though! Tae is truly a stunning masterpiece. *lol*

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Omg JK and the mirror😂😂 And a slap from Tae, really wouldn’t mind. At least I get to meeeet him! And Jin’s joke, it was..lejindary. But I’m kinda afraid that my own sense of humor would get lamer after I read more of jin’s jokes.
This post was so creative uwu!

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Hi, new follower here!! I really enjoyed this post… And yes I would love to get one slap from Tae, at least I get to see him… Army’s are sooo talented!!

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