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Assumptions about me😰| 250 followers 🎊

Heyyy guysss!!!

It’s a new day and a new week! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. My weekend was lovely ✨. On Saturday was my youngest brother’s birthday and on Sunday, after church we went to see my second brother in his boarding school. I was really happy cause I had missed him so so muchhhh and he won’t be coming home till December cause he’s in 12th Grade and his external exams are coming up soon. He’s writing 3 exams, same number I wrote. Wow, I remember those days😂

Anyways, I was really happy to see him. I gave him the best advices as the great big sister that I am😌✌🏽Thank you very much

Todayyyy, we would be celebrating 250 follows on WP! I mentioned in my previous previous previous post that since I didn’t celebrate 200 follows, I would be doing an Assumptions about Me post when I reach 250. I didn’t expect to reach 250 that quick since it was only last week I mentioned it but here we are!

A big thank you to my 251 besties here! You’re the ones that keep me going and I really appreciate you all!🤍✨

As a token of my gratitude, I decided to make you smile today by confirming or denying your assumptions about me! If for some reason you didn’t see the post and would also like to participate, then you can write your assumptions in the comments and I’ll do a Part II later this week✨

Okay, let’s get started!!!


1. You like vanilla ice cream (please say you do! No one likes vanilla. Everyone wants chocolate!)

I love Vanilla icecream!!! 😂

I know rightttt. Almost everyone like chocolate and strawberry. I love vanilla though. Vanilla is very calm~~~

2. You like watching kdramas

Yup yup, I love Kdramas! I haven’t watched one recently because I was writing exams and now, I’m trying to unwind and relax so I’ll start watching them soon.

I actually had a discussion with an old friend yesterday and she recommended a few Kdramas and of course “Squid Game” 😂

3. Ib is just the acronym of your full name.

Yup, my full name is Ibukunoluwa (it’s my traditional name which means Blessing of God). Most of the people I know call me Ibukun while my friends call me Ib…cause I told them to😂

People bearing Ibukun mostly end up with the nickname “Ibk” but I wanted to be different so I came up with “Ib” 💜

4. Your favourite song by Suga is seesaw.


Actually I can’t decide between Seesaw and People😭✋🏽 they’re both masterpieces.

5. You have siblings.

Yes, I have 3 siblings; a sister and 2 brothers. I’m the first child😌

6. You have long hair.

Actually no😂

I have type 4C hair and it’s pretty average💀

I would take a picture but my hair is currently weaved so maybe another time✨

7. Your height is average

Yes, I’m average height not short! Please tell all my friends, thank you😞❤️

I’m 5’5 😂😂


(I think that’s your name?)

1. you are (somewhat) human

Somewhat? 😂😂

2. you live on earth🌍

No, I’m in Mikrokosmos 😂😂

3. you are a university student

Yes I am✋🏽😌

I’m in my third year in Uni

4. you like blogging for blogging and you don’t make money from it

Yes, I love blogging for blogging. My blog is literally my world 😭

But once in a while, a few people pay me to promote their stuff on my blog but it’s not often. I don’t think I’m there yet

5. you are amazing 💕

I’ll take this as a compliment, thank youuu!!!🤍

You are too!

6. you don’t buy likes/follows/views😊

I don’t 😂. I don’t even understand how that works to be honest

Silver Stone

1. You’re either a high school or a university student who has a passion for literature or possibly history

Yes, I mentioned earlier that I’m a university student and yes, I love literature. I love reading books and writing but I’m not a fan of history or maybe I am, in a sense that I like reading about how things used to be and how we evolved. I’m interested in archaic stuff but when it comes to dates and time, no no 😂

2. You like the colour blue or purple

I like royal blue but my favorite colors are purple and black💜🖤

3. You’re more of a dog person

Yesssss, I’m a dog person! I love dogs🥺

They’re my favorite animals in the world. They are so cuteeeeee😭. If you love dogs, I love you!

4. Aside from kpop, you like some amount of modern pop music

Yes, I do like a good amount of modern pop music. I was really into it before I became an Army but I still listen to them sometimes…if they’re really really good.


We’ve come to an end! Thank you Pannaga, Shiny and Silver Stone for your assumptions!!

I think it’s safe to say I’m kind of an open book or maybe 3 of you are just really good at guessing 😂

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this post! Like I mentioned before, if you still want to send in your assumptions then you can do so in the comments and I’ll do a second part later this week!

Thank you for reading and thank you for 250 follows!!! Love y’all 🤍✨


15 replies on “Assumptions about me😰| 250 followers 🎊”

😊 i looooove vanilla ice cream it’s so underrated 😜 also
when you said you love dogs… my finger clicked the like button by accident and I’m not even mad about it (I was gonna like this post anyway 😅)
(this is like the longest comments I’ve ever written 😂)

Liked by 1 person

I love vanilla ice cream too😋. I kinda think it’s underrated 🤷‍♀️
Beautiful name💜
We’re both the oldest siblings and we both have a sister and two brothers. Yay🎉🎉😁

OK now for my assumptions (sorry they’re late):

1.You own a lot of jeans (taking a wild guess here)
2.You don’t enjoy math…
3. You don’t enjoy sports?
4. You like cats

Congrats on reaching 250+ followers🎉🎉!!

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ugh i hate myself… im sorry that i didn’t send in any assumptions. here they are:
– you have curly hair
– you loveee bts
-you lovee chocolates and cupcakes and doughnuts and everything sweet
– you loveee music
– you lovee blogging
– you love reading
-you are probably tired of me writing “loveee” here
well thats it hehe

congratulations on your blogiversary!! you are the best! i know, i don’t read many of your posts because im busyy but i know that your posts are always very good! keep up with the good work girl! i can’t wait to see your community grow bigger and bigger! cheers for 250 and and a thousand more!!

Liked by 1 person

Awwnn thank youuu!!! You’re so sweet🥺💜 Thank you for your assumptions, thank you for your wishes and it’s completely fine if you’re busy, no pressure🤍


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