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5 Ways I De-stress! 💆🏽‍♀️

Heyyy everyone!!!

Omgggg, there must be cobwebs here cause it’s been so longggg😭. Last time I published a post asides Monday (which was Namjoon’s Day) was on the 21st of August! Damnnn😭

I missed blogging so so muchhh, like everyday I couldn’t wait to get back into blogging. I literally would come on the app everyday to read everyone’s posts and make sure to comment so I’m not left out on all the fun but I still felt like a big part of me was missing because I wasn’t blogging so it feels so so good to be back!

So as you know or probably don’t, I just concluded my finals exams for my 2nd year in Uni. Sadly, this would’ve been me concluding my 3rd year but Corona had other plans. There’s nothing we can do but move on~~~

Siri, please play Life Goes On by BTS

This past month has been one of the most stressful time in my life like when I mean stressful, I mean STRESSFUL!

I had so many assignments/projects that I had to submit back to back and at the same time preparing for my exams, moving back to school and having to deal with the stress that comes with living in school and also studying. I don’t think I’ve ever studied this much in my life, like I read all through the night almost everyday for the past 3 weeks and I would have exams the next day and would still have to wake up early. After my exams, I’d probably rest for 3-4hrs and get back into studying.

Why did I need to do this much studying?

Well my second semester officially began in mid May and we moved to school. I think cause this was our first time in school since early 2020, a lot of us were still trying to adjust to living in school and attending classes. There was so much confusion with our timetables so we probably didn’t start having actual classes till June. Everyone was slowly adjusting and things were going okay till July and we were sent back home cause some students had caught COVID.

Then “online classes” were to take place from home but for some reason, our lecturers weren’t serious AT ALL! I think only 2 lecturers actually had a few classes with us and gave us handouts but the others, nothing! Till a week or two before exams, then they started to bombard us with PDFs to study, like it was crazy. So I had to study subjects I had zero knowledge on cause our exams were going to be physical which meant no CBT💔😩

It was simply hellllllll!

Now that I’ve given you all a very detailed intro to this post, I thought it’d be best to share with you how I was able to survive these past month without feeling totally drained or depressed. Of course, I’d chime in a few stories here and there to lighten the mood.

These are the ways I was able to de stress:

• Sleep

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before here but one of my hobbies is sleeping. I LOVE sleeping! It’s like the greatest gift God gave humans. Of course, I didn’t have much of that these past weeks but I still made sure to rest when I really needed it. I think sleep is super important, no matter whatever burden you have or work you’re working on, try to always get some sleep. I can’t dictate how many hours of sleep you should get cause everyone knows how their bodies work but I’ve noticed 3-4 hrs of sleep, twice a day works well for me when I’m busy and I always make sure to sleep before studying so I start studying with a clear head.

I remember on Jungkook’s birthday, cause Seoul is 8 hours ahead of Lagos where I live so 1st Sept, 12 midnight there is 31st August, 4pm here. That day, I had just finished my exams and was on my bed trying to get some sleep when my friend called me, “Hey, JK is live!” (He went live 2 hours before his birthday to hang out with us) and I’ve mentioned before that JK’s solo lives are my favorite so I literally sprang up from my bed and immediately went on Vlive😂

It was the best 2 hours I had had for the past weeks cause exams were starting to stress me out so I was really happy that JK went live. I had the best time! Then seeing Hobi jump in by 12 midnight to wish JK a happy birthday was just so endearing, I honestly cried 🥺.

Of course when the live ended, I was soooooooo tired! Like all the weight that disappeared while watching JK just came right back when it ended because I hadn’t gotten enough rest since the night before but I was too excited for our Maknae’s birthday that the sleep just refused to come after the live.

I almost fell ill that day, thankfully I didn’t.

So this is why you should get enough sleep!

• Reading blogs

I am super grateful for all the bloggers I follow. You all were part of my de-stressing process. Whenever I was starting to feel too overwhelmed, I would come on WordPress for about 20 minutes and read posts by my favorite bloggers and that really helped me relax before getting back to studying.

I’d like to thank Flora, Lili, Pavithra, Sneha, Moksha, Poorwa who I’m so glad is back from her break, Sabrina etc. I didn’t mention all but to everyone whose blogs I commented on recently, you all are the best! Thank you so much!🤍

• Sending random emails

Since I wasn’t blogging or writing, which is something I really enjoy doing, I decided to channel that energy into something else so instead, times when I wanted to just relax and I didn’t feel like sleeping, I would send random emails to my friends and blog buddies. Of course some were just light mails like just me checking in while some were somewhat deeper but their reactions always had me smiling and that would make my day.

It was really really fun!

• Chatting

I know this might come off as weird cause why would chatting help you de stress? I guess I should say “Chatting with the right people”? I’m not big on chatting or calling like I’d rather lay in my room all day watching Run BTS than partake in any form of socialization but recently I’ve understood the meaning of conversing with the right people.

Times when I was feeling exhausted or down after my papers, I would go on my Army gc and bruh, the amount of joy those people give me😂😂. Like, my roommates were even tired of me cause I would be laughing nonstop for minutes unending. Those people are my 24 hours serotonin boost. They’re literally the funniest and realest people I’ve ever met. We would go from singing BTS songs to talking about our days to crying about attending BTS concerts to reacting to tweets on Twitter like they’re just so much fun and they make me really happy. During Namjoon’s birthday countdown, we did this thing where we all said 7 things we love about RM by 7pm, it was so precious. My hearteu😭

I should do a post featuring some of them one day so y’all understand what I mean.

Also, my other foreign Army friends send me lots of encouraging texts and videos 😭 I feel so blessed. I can’t mention you all but I hope y’all know how much I love you💜

• Coming up with blog ideas

Blogging is a huge stress relief for me so during the time I couldn’t blog, I just sat down and came up with ideas to blog about. I actually have lots of ideas now but I don’t know if I’m going to end up using all of them cause I tend to be very selective with my posts but I hope you all would enjoy every post I decide to publish.

Those were the 5 ways I de stressed these past weeks! I hope you enjoyed reading !

Of course, what works for one won’t work for all so please comment down below the ways that YOU relax when you feel stressed. I can’t wait to read them and I might try some of your ideas out as well!✨

Again, it feels good to be back! Did y’all miss me?🥺

I’m so so excited to interact with everyone again. I’m looking to do more Collabs and features so if you have any ideas you would like to do with me, then please email me😁

I will begin blogging every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! Had to adjust to a new schedule, let’s see how this works🙂

Thank you and see you soon!!!

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10 replies on “5 Ways I De-stress! 💆🏽‍♀️”

Sleeping is your hobby? YESSS YOONGI VIBES DETECTED 😂💜
You always mention me, it’s so sweet TT~~TT
The video (or gif) made above, is so cute!! And texting the right people is the besttt I knowww!! The emails you write to me brighten up my day as well 💜😭

Stay safe!

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Yasss Yoongii, my role model😂😂
Because you’re one of my favorite bloggers😌
That video took a whileeee cause I’m not really good with editing stuff but I decided to test Canva out. I still don’t understand it but I’m trying😞
Good, then I’ll try sending more!💜💜💜
You too!💜✨

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I missed your spirit; I completely understand the good stress from the anxiety. Reading the blogs that I follow help me relief anxiety as well. You made me think so much about my college grandsons (a junior and a freshman). For the younger grands, school has been affected by COVID-19 as well. It has been hairy. Still, I am so glad you are back. You will have to give me time to learn blogging without WordPress (LOL).

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Actually, I used to dislike sleeping a lot before I don’t know why but I just didn’t like it. And look at me now, feeling sleepy all the time in school, sleeping after coming home, waking up late and what not😂😂😂 School stress has changed me so much lol. I agree that sleeping indeed helps one to relax. And thanks for sharing your tips, I needed something like this.

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Now look at you sleeping everywhere 😂. I think sleep is fine especially when you’re busy and that’s your only time to cool off. Sure, anytimeee and I’m glad I could help💜. Also, sorry for the late reply! WP put this in spam 😭

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