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BIRTHDAY WEEK| Unboxing my BTS Butter album 🧈🤩

Hey hey hey!!!

It’s the final “Birthday Week” post! Thank you all for joining me on this one week journey. Everyone has been so loving, I couldn’t contain my joy 😂. Thank you!

Yesterday, I mentioned that I will be unboxing the present I got for myself! From the title, I bet you can already guess what the present is but I’ll say it anyways 😂😂

I got myself a Butter album!!!

Incase you’re wondering, yes it’s very expensive 😥 but I think once in a while especially on special days like your birthday, your blog anniversary, day you got your first job, days like that, I think it’s important to reward yourself because it’s a sign of growth and growth doesn’t come easy.

I faced a lot of stuff just from my birthday last year till today and the fact that I didn’t choose to run away from my problems or pick the easy way out, the fact that I’m still here, gifting myself is like giving me a pat on the back like, “Hey, I know it’s been tough but you’re doing great so have this🤍”.

It’s very important so never hesitate to gift yourself when you think you deserve it but don’t let it be too much, like an everyday thing no no. Then it just becomes reckless spending and we don’t want that 😂

Okayyy, now to get into the business for today!

I ordered my album from

They’re a Kpop store based in Africa which is literally a blessing! Cause last I checked, Weverse didn’t deliver to my country but my friend told me recently that they do now. I had already preordered it on Haru. Also, Weverse shipping fees to my country is like so high!👩🏾‍🦯👩🏾‍🦯

Sometimes double the price of the merch and it’ll take a longggg time to arrive but Haru took like less than a week to deliver (if it’s not on preorder). They also give cute photocards for your first order or any other above N10,000. You can choose the member you want or leave it blank so they can surprise you with any member!

Got my biases 😌 Jimin for my first order and Hobi for my butter album preorder

They also give points on first order, reviews etc.

Look at me acting like I’m an affiliate right now😂. I really just love the store but Haru, if you’re thinking of hiring me😉. We can work something out 😁

Y’all comment down below the kind of merch you’d want me to unbox if Haru eventually gets in contact! If not, then maybe the next time I gift myself 🤍

Now let’s begin unboxing!

I actually planned on unboxing at the same time I’m writing but my Army friends pressured me into opening it because they were too excited to see who I would pull😂 but I promise next time, I’ll open it with you guys!

I was also so excited, i nearly dented their album but it was a little scratch now. No biggie, I’m imperfect too✨

Okay now, we’re actually beginning!

Okay so first thing you see after opening the album is the photobook!

Front | Back

I love how simple it is and the texture is very gentle 🥺

I did a little run through for you guys!

Everyone right now: Girllll freaking show us your photocard!!!

It’s okay, it’s okay, we’ll get there 😂

After removing the Photobook, next is the photo stand!

Criminal Bangtan🤩

I also love how simple the stand is. It’s really cute and boys look good, as usual. The back is just plain yellow, I love that I don’t have to decided which side to display on my desk 😂

From here on, I can’t remember what was next in order cause I got too excited after seeing my message card😂. Can you guess who it is???

I got my first ever bias, Jimin!!! 지민이 🥺🥺🥺

I was so so happy cause when the album first came out, I wished and wished that I would get a Jimin message card and I got it! I was so out of this world when I saw it!

Here’s the translation in the card if you need it

I still can’t believe I got it😩😂

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Drum roll please!

🥁 🥁 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

I got!!!!!!!


Ahhhhhhh!!!! I got my Yoongles! My biases wrecker 🤩

I’m living for Yoongi’s pink mullet right now!

I almost had a heart attack when I saw him cause I was so focused on Jimin’s message card then suddenly I saw Yoongi and my heart nearly flew to my mouth!😂

Next we got the cute Polaroid!

The beach scene is so cute! I couldn’t decide what version I wanted more so I just selected random and I got Cream! So I’m very happy that we get this Polaroid from the beach shoot.

I how how light and thin these 3 are. You can literally carry them with you anywhere. I probably wouldn’t cause I’m very forgetful and might probably forget it there😂. You can place it in your purse or favorite bag. I think I’ll put the Polaroid in my purse 😌

Next, we have the lyrics cards!

These would’ve been very useful when the songs first dropped and it was hard to learn the lyrics 😂. RM’s rap in Butter gave me a headache 😣 but now I’ll probably leave it in the album. Jimin said we can tape it to our fridge but I don’t trust my brothers 😂

Next we have the cute stickers!!!

I love stickers so much! But one weird thing about me is, I like to keep stickers rather than use them. Like what’s the point of stickers if you don’t use them??😂 but I find it so hard to use the stickers cause I’m like if I use it now, what if I want to use it again later in the future but it’s already used and I can’t remove it 🥺

I still have my MOTS:7 sticker intact! I wanted to use it on my phone. I even got a clear phone case just for it but I couldn’t bring myself to do it 😩. Someone help!

And last but not the least, the CD 💿!

Y’all look at how simple and classy it is! The concept of this entire album is simplicity and class!

I’ve never been a fan of the yellow color but Butter really brought out the beauty in the color. I like it✨

Oh I almost forget the QR card, I think that’s what it’s called

And that concludes this unboxing post!

Comment down below which of the items is/are your favorites!

Thank you for clicking my link and reading till the end!

Also, thank you again to everyone who made me feel special this birthday week. Y’all are the best!

See y’all soon! Love ya!🤍


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Yeah, like you won’t want to use them at all! 😂. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure you’ll get them one day and I’ll be here for your unboxing posts 😌


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