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Hey everyoneee!

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone that nominated me for an award. It means a lot to me that you remember my blog🥺🤍. I wanted to do it one post at a time but that would just be time consuming so I decided to put them together. Get ready for a semi long post😂 Hope you enjoy!

The Music and Me Tag

A big thank you to Flora for tagging me! Y’all check out her blog, it’s super interesting and I love her vibe!

When it comes to music, y’all already know who I’m going to call umpteen times😂! But I’ll try to shuffle…emphasis on try😗


1. Link back to the original (Sophie @ Me and Ink) so she can see your answers and listen to the tunes.

2. For every prompt you choose to do, name 1-5 songs (you can use Sophie’s graphics)

3. Have fun and play your music LOUD!

The Tag~

• Home Town Glory~ The song that reminds you of home

Home- BTS

Home- Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors and Bebe Rexha

If This Was a Movie: Favourite songs from movies/tv/broadway

Home- Bright

Run Through Walls- Legacies

Us- James Bay

Towards the Sun- Home

It’s a Love Story: Your favourite songs about love

Boy With Luv- BTS

Waste it on Me- Steve Aoki, BTS

Hold On- Chord Overstreet

Love Someone- Lukas Graham

Epiphany- Jin

Comfort Crowd: Songs that make you feel calm

Sweet Night- V

Mikrokosmos- BTS

Spring Day- BTS

2!3!- BTS

Promise- Jimin

• Always remember us this way: Songs that remind you of your childhood

Baby- Justin Bieber

The Nights- Avicii

Memories- Sam Smith

Nearly all One Direction songs😂

• Let’s Get Down To Business: Songs that motivate you

Pied Piper- BTS

Hope World- JHope

No More Dream- BTS

Brand New Day- BTS, Zara Larsson

• Cry with you: Songs to make you cry and cry

I’m Fine- BTS

Save Me- BTS

We are Bulletproof: The Eternal- BTS

Promise- BTS

Epiphany- BTS

• I think I’m in love: Your latest musical obsessions

Still and forever will be BTS

Also, Doja Cat

• Writer in the dark: Your favourite lyrics from songs

Now promise me, oh, oh
Several times a day, oh, oh
Though you feel alone, oh, oh
Don’t throw yourself away, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Let’s top for a moment

~ Promise (Jimin)

I’m the one I should love in this world
Shining me, precious soul of mine
I finally realized so I love me
Not so perfect but so beautiful
I’m the one I should love

~ Epiphany (Jin)

They point fingers at me, but I don’t care at all
Whatever the reason for your criticism is
I know what I am (I know what I am)
I know what I want (I know what I want)
I never gon’ change (I never gon’ change)
I never gon’ trade (Trade off)

Keep on chit-chatting, saying this and that
I do what I do, so you do you
You can’t stop me lovin’ myself


What kind of person am I?
Am I a good person?
Or a bad person?
Many  ways to judge
Just a person
Everyone would live on
Everyone would love
Everyone would fade away
And be forgotten
People change, just as I’ve changed
There is nothing that lasts forever in this world
Everything is just a happening passing by

~ People (Agust D)

To be honest, I’m just going to stop here because when it comes to BTS’s lyricism, there’s no end. Every song has that lyric that will resonate with you forever!

Sign of the times: Songs in the charts that you love

Permission to Dance – BTS

Butter – BTS

Stay – The Kid Laroi ft Justin Bieber

Kiss Me More – Doja Cat ft SZA

• More than a memory: Songs you have specific memories attached to

We are Bulletproof: The Eternal- BTS

• Sing to me instead: Those songs you have to sing to

All BTS songs

All Ariana Grande songs

• I wasn’t expecting that : Songs you didn’t expect to love, but you do

All Night- BTS, Juice WRLD

I don’t really vibe to Juice WRLD’s songs so when I saw it the first time, I just skipped cause I was like, I probably won’t like it but I actually listened to it and it’s nice!

Favourite record: Name the albums you couldn’t live without

Map of the Soul 7- BTS

Love Yourself: Tear- BTS


Love Yourself: Her- BTS

Love Yourself: Answer- BTS

Video Games: Name your favourite music videos

Best Song Ever- One Direction

Permission to Dance- BTS

Freaky Friday- Lil Dicky

Butter – BTS


All BTS music videos😂

Shut Up and Dance: Songs you have to dance

Ddaeng! – BTS Rapline

Daechwita- Agust D

Something big- Shawn Mendes

All BTS and Cardi B songs 😂

Every song with a very catchy beat😂😂


I nominate everyone!!!

Okay moving on🌪🌪


Sneha, thank you so much for nominating me!! Means a lot to me! Love ya!🤍


~ Mention the creators Tiction and Nehal.

~ Thank the person who tagged you and leave a link to their blog.

~ Use the tag #gif-y-love and choose a GIF you love for each of the provided prompts.

~ Tag at least 5 people,

Okay! Okay! Let’s get startedddd🤩

1. Current Mood

It’s currently midnight but I really want to finish this post tonight. I have scheduled posts but I want to quickly post this because of the people that nominated me so it doesn’t seem like I’m ignoring them😊

2. I’m bored

His cheeks😂

3. Sarcastic

I cannot stop laughing at this😂

4. Spongebob

5. Scared

Jin, I’m sorry😂

6. Angry

Jin, I apologize again😂

This was so much fun! Thank you Sneha 🤍

Nominations ~






The Sunshine and Rainbow blog tag!

I would love to thank Mira for nominating me for this cute tag! If you didn’t nominate me, I’d nominate you because your blog is absolutely amazing and makes me smile a lot!


  • Thank the blogger who tagged you .
  • Share the badge and rules in your post
  • Include this blog statement ,” The sunshine and rainbows blog tag is an award created to show appreciation for bloggers who bring positivity and happiness into our life .”
  • Answer the tag’s 5 questions .
  • Tag 5 to 10 bloggers whose blogs you love reading !
  • Include a custom message to your nominees about why you tagged them

Mira’s Questions~

1) Where do you want to travel the most?

I want to travel to South Korea and no, not because of BTS 😂. I want to travel there for the FOOD!; Kimchi, gimbap, jjajamyeong, soju 🤩 etc. Also when I watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved, in the third season when they traveled to SK, there’s a place they went to that had a bridge filled with padlocks.

Apparently if you make a wish there and lock it up, it comes true. I’d love to visit that place!

2) What is your short term goal ?

Right now, just passing my exams in September and few blogging goals.

3) What are you interested in that most people haven’t heard of or aren’t into?

I’m interested in the sky 😌, taking photos of the sky or sometimes just admiring it. I think I’m interested in the most mundane things 😂. I’m interested in animals too! Basically nature…

4) What do think is your best quality?

I would say the way I think. I find that a lot of people don’t see things the way I do which is very interesting. My voice too, I get complimented a lot on my voice.

5) What is your go-to Karaoke song ?

UGH! ~ BTS’s Rapline


Sneha~ I really enjoy Sneha’s blog a lot! She also writes poems and does photography as well. Love it!

Happy Panda ~ I really enjoy her posts! Especially her dating stories and other motivating posts as well!

Nabeeha~ First of all, Nabeeha’s mandalas are one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen! Her blogs posts are also very interesting, her book reviews are very nice!

Pavithra~ Pavithra is legit one of my favorite bloggers! I love her blog so so so much!!! And she’s also an ARMY! 💜💜💜 and I still can’t get over our collab!

Lili~ Lili’s also another amazing blogger and also an ARMY💜. I really really enjoy her blog and she did a feature on my blog and I’m still so grateful 😂

Alright guys! That concludes today’s post! I had so much fun answering the tags! Thank you to everyone who nominated me!


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