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Hey everyoneeee!

First of all, peek the cute image Pavithra made for our collab! I’m not that good at editing 😂. The image is so cuteeeee, I can’t get over it🥺

If you can’t tell, I’m very very excited for this post! Infact, I’m always excited about anything that involves BTS and ARMY🤩. Today, one of my blog besties, Pavithra from Small Talks and I will be answering fun questions about BTS/ARMY. I came up with 10 questions for Pavi and she came up with questions for me too. In all honesty, I think Pavi’s questions are harder than the ones I gave her😩

Don’t forget to check out Pavithra’s blog to read her answers to the questions I gave and we also did a cute challenge at the end. Yeeeeeeeeeee

Now let’s get started before I keep rambling 😗

1. Gaming with J-hope or karaoke with JK?

How am I even supposed to answer this?! Hobi’s my bias! My bestie! and I’d want to do anything with him even though I don’t game cause I’m absolutely terrible at it but I love Karaoke and imagine Karaoke with Kookie, one of the best singers ever😩😩.

I gotta decide 💆🏽‍♀️

I choose Karaoke with Kookie. Sorry bestie🥺

2. Which member do you think will become the jealous and over protective boyfriend type?

Hmmmm, I don’t know why I can’t see anyone of them being like that but due to not recent events, I say Suga.

Cause remember the time when they called Halsey their girl so Armys started calling Ed Sheeran our boy and Yoongi really went, “Say what?”😂😂😂

3. Was BTS your first discovery of kpop boy band? What was your opinion in the beginning?

Shockingly, it was actually Blackpink but I wasn’t interested for long. Then BTS came in the picture and they’re still the only ones I stan. I listen to other groups once in a while, maybe when Spotify shuffles my playlist or when someone recommends a song.

Kpop in the beginning to me felt very vibrant! Very energetic! The beat, the dance, the rhythm, everything is very different from the Western or African songs. I was listening to Mic Drop and I was like, “Where have you been all my life?!”

4. What is your favourite BTS mv?

This is so hard! I’m just going to go with the first MV that came to mind and that’s ON. Both the Official MV and the Anthem? . Is it an anthem? The one with the marchers and the dance break, what do we call it? Anyways, I can never get over those two.

5. Which hair color suits best for each members? List in order of army fan chant.

Kim Namjoon~ Blonde! Never getting over MMA 2019 RM 😩. I also love him on grey but blonde has it.

Kim Seokjin~ I think we can all agree Jin looks absolutely breathtakingly handsome with purple hair but there’s also something about him with black hair! Jin looks good in every color! That’s why he’s Worldwide Handsome but I’ll go with purple and black

Min Yoongi~ I know half of the fandom is expecting me to go Mint color Yoongi! But nope, not a fan. I like Yoongi in grey, black and a mixture of both😗

Although, I’m currently in love with his present hair color.

Jung Hoseok ~ Everyone knows Hobi’s present hair color is IT! I know I’m going to cry the day he eventually dyes it again. I’m so in love with the platinum blonde color 😭

He looks like a freaking angel!😭
And a hottie at the same time!😩 my poor heart

Park Jimin~ Jimin in black hair, idc idc! It’ll forever be my favorite 🤩

Kim Taehyung ~ Taehyung in blue hair is ROYALTY 👑. He looks absolutely ethereal!

Jeon Jungkook ~ Purple hair JK is my weakness! Purple and Black hair JK, absolutely stunning!

6. Who do you think will do best in drama and movies besides V or Jin?

Jungkook gets into character quite well during their skits. I’m also thinking Suga, did you see him in BTS world??? Opera winning performance 👏🏽 👏🏽👏🏽

7. Which BTS concert is iconic to you?

I’m going to SOWOOZOO cause I think it’s one we’re never going to forget. They did so well and had so much fun even though Armys weren’t physically there. It must’ve been stressful having to prepare and perform for an audience that isn’t actually there but they performed so well.

Also helloooo OT7 Daechwita! Jungkook showing off his tattoos and piercing, Jimin’s lip ring, Hobi’s hair, Taechwita, literally everything about that concert is and will forever be iconic!

8. Do you have any hilarious BTS experience?

BTS makes me laugh everyday though so this is hard but I’ll say Run BTS episode 81, I think? The one with the zombies😂

9. BTS in the soop season 2 or V’s mixtape release?

I can’t believe Pavi asked me this🥺. I’m going with Tae’s mixtape cause this is his first. I can always go back and keep rewatching BTS In the Soop😔

10. Are you participating in the official #PermisiiontoDance challenge?

I actually already did 😂. Twice actually, cause I love the dance so much!

Should I post the link? I’m shy

Everyone, tell me in the comments if you want to see it then I’ll post it in my next post.

Anyways, that’s the end of the Q/A! I had fun answering the questions! And now for the very fun part!!!!!

Pavithra came up with this idea (such an amazing blogger). She decided that we should give each other challenges we have to do. We settled with two challenges each, go check out Pavithra’s post to find out the challenges I gave her. Let’s get it!

Challenge #1: I challenge you to create a meme on this picture.

I went with the obvious road😂

This is me everyday!😂
This too!

Challenge #2: I challenge you to post a letter or poem to/about BTS in weverse and attach the screenshot in your blog.

Pavi’s trying to disgrace me😂 but it’s fine, I’m a woman of my words.

I’m not good at writing letters so pardon me🤓

Sadly, that’s the end of this post. I’m upset, why’d it end so soon?!🥺. Thank you Pavithra for doing this with me!💜 Everyone make sure you check out her blog, Small Talks and also make sure you check out our Collab post on her blog and tell us who asked the easier questions!

Looking forward to another collab with you, Pavi! Thank you everyone for clicking my link and staying till the end! Armys, feel free to answer any of the questions in the comments. See y’all soon, Love ya! Byeeeee🤍


25 replies on “BTS ARMY COLLAB Ft. Pavithra”

Aww thank you so much!! This will remain as my favorite collab of all time 💜
Ha ha I didn’t know your bias was Hobi😂
ON is really massive 🔥
Couldn’t agree more with the hair colors you’ve chosen so carefully 🤧💜
Guess we both settled with runs bts as our hilarious bts experience!! 😂😂
I know 9th one was cruel but still – 🤪
Aww I want to see that video of you doing the challenge!!
Loved both the memes. I’m stealing it!! 😂😂
Such a beautiful appreciation message!! You are really sweet. 💜💜
It felt so good to have this personal conversation witb you ib. Hoping to do amazing collabs in the future too. Thanks once again for having me in!! ✨

Liked by 1 person

Wow, there’s so much content! I love it.
Plsss that image is so CUTE.
Namjoon in those hair omg omg omg 👀✋
Tae in bwl era is EVERYTHING okay, he’s the first member i noticed in the mv. Bwl was my first BTS song and I’m like “who’s the guy in blue hair, he’s so cutee”
Hell yess I want t o see the PTD challenge 😫

For the meme challenge – “bish what are you even saying” 👌
On my way to post that BTS poem I wrote-

Liked by 3 people

You’re so right for the meme! Wow😂. Yes yes yes! Hobi looks like a prince and so does Tae🤩. Hmmm, the PTD challenge, maybe🙈. I’m waiting for your poem!!! Now!

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These collab posts have been my favourite things to read this morning! The zombie Run BTS episode was one of the first ones I watched (back when I was a baby ARMY and didn’t know I could watch them on VLive and not just YouTube lol) and honestly it’s still one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched. I totally agree as well about how iconic OT7 Daechwita was, and I’m still not over their OT7 Chicken Noodle Soup either! It would be so cool to see your Permission to Dance challenge 😀

Liked by 1 person

Thank you! I also used to watch the episodes on YT with really low quality till I found out it was on Vlive😂. I posted a link to my PTD challenge in my recent post! It’s not that great 😂😂💜

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Man, those hair colorssssss🔥 I soooo agree with all of them! Jk looks fabbb in purple hair and V really does look royalty😌
And those memes were just….soo amazing😂😂
I loved this collab post aaaaa lot!💕

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