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Hey hey hey everyoneeee!

안녕하세요!!!! 잘지네? 반가워요!

Yes, my Korean lessons are going well, thanks for asking! 😂

Today, I’m so excited because I’m doing a collab with one of my favorite blog besties! Poorwa! I enjoy reading Poorwa’s blog a lot so I’m very happy to be able to collab with her. Thank you Poorwa!💜

Poorwa and I decided to answer some frequently asked questions on blogging since that is a big aspect of our lives and it’s obviously something we love to do. I really hope you enjoy the post!

Also, the first part of the Q/A is on Poorwa’s blog so go read the first part then come back here or you could start here and I’ll also link her post at the end so you can go there when you’re done.


6. Who is your favourite blogger and why?

Poorwa: The hardest question ever for a blogger, lol. There are so many amazing bloggers I follow and wait for their next posts to read. If I start to name all of them, I would probably end up creating a super long list so, for ease, my favorite bloggers are the ones you regularly meet in my comment section, we talk literally every day… so you know.

Ib: This is literally the hardest question ever 😂. There are so many amazing bloggers I know 🥺. My favorite bloggers are all the bloggers I read everyday; Poorwa, Lili, Pavithra, literally all the blogs I look forward to reading everyday.

7. How do you build your blogging community?

Poorwa: Building a nice community isn’t something very difficult I guess. You just have to be nice and kind. I love making friends in the blogging world and it automatically builds a lovely connection between us. Just like I didn’t even realize how Ib and I became such good friends so fast.

Ib: I think the best way to create a blogging community is “just don’t think about it”. Just have fun in your blogging space, comment under your favorite blogs, tell the bloggers how much you enjoyed their post, interact with other bloggers, do collabs, send cute random emails to your blogger friends. Literally just have fun! You’ll be surprised how your community will get bigger and bigger but it doesn’t matter if your community is large or not, it’s the relationship you build that matters.

8. What’s your least favorite part of blogging?

Poorwa: Promoting on social media. I don’t like it this much that I have finally decided to stop using Instagram for my blog. I’ll just be using Twitter and maybe Pinterest on a regular basis for my blog. Instagram gives me a headache when it comes to blogging but I’ll still be using it for other things.

Ib: My least favorite part is coming up with a preamble when I want to share the link on other social media. I spend like an hour on deciding what I could say that would be enticing enough for people to click the link and on platforms like Twitter, there’s a limit to the number of words you can write. I’m always so frustrated. Someone HELP!

9. A person or people you dream for a collab/feature/interview?

Poorwa: Helen @Crispy Confessions. I call her eonni (elder sister in Korean) and she is really very inspiring. We are good blogging buddies but we’ve never tried to do a collab or something like doing together but I hope I’ll get to do it someday soon, haha. And yes, don’t forget to check out her blog, it’s awesome!

Ib: There’s a long list though; Han Hyun Min and Bae Yoo Jin, they’re Korean-Nigerian models. I’ve read about them but I would love a one on one discussion. I don’t think I have like specific people I want to collab with or interview. I would love to try anything and everything with everyone I like and find interesting

10. Tell my audience about your blog?

Poorwa: My blogging is mainly a lifestyle blog. I don’t write about a single thing, I like to write about various things that my readers can relate with and find some positivity. I talk about music all the time and if you want some recommendations, tell me anytime. I also write about blogging, my daily life, school, do song reviews, share pictures captured by me, and many more things. Thank you!

Ib: My blog is literally a variety book. I like to talk about different topics I think my readers will find interesting like Series Reviews, Music, I pour out my mind on trending topics, BTS 😂, I do a lot of guest based posts. I also love to talk about myself, things like life updates, a personal experience I had or something I just feel like sharing.

Sadly sadly sadly, we have come to the end of the Q/A. Why do I wish we could go on and on?😩

I had so much fun answering these questions with Poorwa! Remember to go read the first part of the Q/A on her blog and also check out more of her posts. She’s very creative and absolutely amazing!

Thank you so much, Poorwa and everyone, I really hope you enjoyed the post! Feel free to answer any of the questions in the comments. Stay safe, love you!🤍


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