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너무 감사합니다 방탄소년단 그리고 아미

I’m currently listening to 2!3!, feeling so overwhelmed as I write this post.

A lot has happened since Muster SOWOOZOO, Butter No.1 for 7 weeks on Billboard, PTD debut, Jimmy Fallon and so much more. A lot happens in this fandom that sometimes it gets overwhelming and you just need to clock out but I’ve never felt as overwhelmed as I was when I saw Jimin’s full bow on Weverse yesterday.

I was so happy and so excited, literally in tears, after seeing the news of Halsey’s baby boy and then PTD debuting at No. 1 on BB, then our boys being the first group in history with that much debut No. 1s’. In short, a lot was going on! I was already so touched reading Joonie’s paragraph and Suga’s excitement. Jimin coming online at that time is already a huge thing.

I was still reading when he said, “I don’t know how to convey this feeling to you”, that was when I got the notification “Jimin🌟 shared a moment with you”. I was thinking, “Ahhh Jimin posted a selca!”

But I didn’t know what was waiting for me. I don’t think anyone saw it coming…

I was speechless! The tears just came out of absolutely nowhere! I couldn’t comprehend how someone as huge as Park Jimin could do a full bow to us. How?? Why?? All I did was stream a song I really like and enjoy. I’m still overwhelmed just thinking about it. Literally no one could ever! Y’all can argue all you want but no one could ever!

He even said, “For us, please be happy”. I don’t deserve!

What Jimin did is a 큰절 (Keun-jeol) and that’s the deepest form of respect in the Asian culture. It’s reserved for the most formal occasions and is mostly to respect elders or ancestors. Like do y’all get how big this is? That’s what Jimin did to ARMY. I literally can’t comprehend

Sitting here, I’m just looking at how much my life has changed thanks to these 7 men and the amazing family they lead, ARMY. Yeah I may have suffered financially thanks to BigHit and I’ve also lost friends but at the end, I’ve really gained more than I’ve lost.

I’m in a really really good place mentally thanks to the amazing life lessons I’ve learnt from every member of the group.

There are so many more but these are the ones I have in my Notes app.

I think I’ve also changed in the sense that I’m more open and expressive of who I am, what I like and don’t like. My roommates and friends can probably testify to that. I literally don’t care about who’s going to judge me or not like me because of my beliefs on certain things or my choices. People already judge me for being an ARMY but who cares???

People are going to judge anyway so whatever ~ Min Suga

Being an ARMY is where 99% of my happiness lies and I won’t hide that because of someone that literally adds nothing to my life😂.

Plus I’ve gotten to meet so many amazing people from so many places around the world🥺. People I could never imagine having conversations with and you know the weird thing? I think every ARMY can agree that whenever you meet or talk with an ARMY for the first time, it feels like you’ve known each other forever. There’s a kind of connection or should I say telepathy 😏

There’s even a joke that goes on on Twitter from time to time.

And it’s literally so true 😂.

Becoming an ARMY has exposed me a different world entirely. I’ve said this time and time again, the ARMY fandom is the world we all dream of having. Where everyone is motivated to do good for their neighbor, where it’s just unending love. I see ARMYs everyday giving out merch they bought with their own money to other people who can’t afford and their excuse? “I feel so happy when I see the reactions of the ARMYs I give out to”

ARMYs buying BTS meals to donate to COVID Isolation centers and front line workers, donating money to different foundations etc and it makes me so happy to be a part of such an amazing cause. It’s a dream, I tell you.

A lot of people think ARMYs are all a bunch of delusional kids but there’s so much more to this family. At the end of the day, there’s really no perfect way to explain it.

This post is just me showing my gratitude to 방탄소년단 (BTS) and 아미 (ARMY) for giving me this family and allowing to actually live life!

ARMYs! I hope our pockets never run dry so we can continue to buy more merch and I hope we all live really long to see Bangtan papas cause we really are in this shit 4L

너무 감사합니다 ! Thank you so much!

사랑해요! I love you!!!

보라해! I purple youuuu!

미안해, 나는 영어 하세요. 나는 한글을 배우고 있다


I feel like Jin when he wrote a long ass letter in Hangul and at the end went, “Sorry to my international army that I’m not good in English but I love you”. That’s actually what I said and I promise you I didn’t use a translator for my Hangul. I’m making cute progress 😂

Anyways, that concludes today’s post! Thank you for clicking my link and reading till the end, love you!🤍


15 replies on “너무 감사합니다 방탄소년단 그리고 아미”

I’m overwhelmed by jimin’s gesture too!! 💜
Literally proud of our boys!! Aaagh, those quotes, they always brighten up my day and life 🤧💜
You are right, talking with random army in internet somehow feels like home. We get to share our exciting emotions and worries with them. Army fandom is one of the best in giving motivation, love and comfort just like BTS.
It feels so good reading your posts about bts since I don’t have much army friends in real. 🙂

Liked by 1 person

I literally live by those quotes🥺. I don’t have much ARMY friends in real life too but even if we are only online besties, we’ll always support each other and that’s what I love about ARMY💜. I’d love to hear you talk about BTS too! Ah, maybe a collab?


Sorry for my late comment, I had read it the day you posted but I forgot to leave a comment and like the post because of my classes.
Anyways, you know how much I love your BTS related posts right? And that day, Jimin brought tears in my eyes, how can someone be so sweet and pure.
Loved the post, Ib!

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