PROMO: Techtronic City 📱💻

Hey everyoneeee!

It’s been only a minute😉. How have you all been?! Hope everyone’s doing fineeee✨

Today, I will be promoting a brand I think my Nigerian readers would find pretty useful. Nowadays, everyone is looking for a sure place to buy their electronic gadgets. We’re all afraid of being scammed or not getting exactly what we want or in the condition we want it. You know I don’t lie to y’all so when I say Techtronic City is IT! It really is!

Techtronic City is an Electronics store that deal with the sale of new and UK pre-owned gadgets. They’re VERY affordable and in good condition, I can bet on it!

They also offer swapping, auctioning and swift services. I promise, they won’t disappoint!

When I say electronic gadgets, I don’t just mean phones and laptops, we talking Apple watches (the Apple and Nike series is actually in stock at the moment, you can go to their page and check it out), AirPods and game consoles which means you can get your Xbox and PlayStations as well.

The Apple Watch is actually A LOT cheaper than I expected it to be.

They go by this really impressive motto that I absolutely love;

“Here at Techtronic City, customer satisfaction is only second to ensuring our products are in prinstine condition”

I don’t know how you’ll read that and not be excited to get something from them.

Trust me, their products are really affordable, they’re all in Grade A condition and they are delivered EVERYWHERE in Nigeria. Ah! That makes me so excited.

So if you’re looking for where to get any gadget for yourself, your lady/man, your mum, your dog, then Techtronic City has got you covered!

You can visit their page on instagram or send them an email at
You can also send them a message on their WhatsApp line, +234 814 049 5068.

Choose quality, Choose Techtronics

Techtronic City

Here are some reviews if you still need convincing😗

I don’t know what you’re waiting for if you’re not already placing orders!

Alright guysssss, that’s it for today! Don’t forget to check out a Techtronic City or even though you don’t need to buy a gadget, you can also recommend it to your friends. You know?

Goodbye and see y’all very soon!


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