#blogging Milestones News



Did you notice the changes on the site? It’s IB had a glow up! I decided to get a new look cause I’ve got good news🤭

I was literally dozing off on the couch yesterday when this came in🥺


5,000??? I still cannot believe it!

Thank you guys so much🥺. It’s all you!

I thought and thought hard of what I should do to celebrate cause I believe celebrating small wins will lead to big ones. I’m obviously going to get myself a treat maybe a meal I haven’t had in a while (I’m actually craving shawarma) or I’ll probably get a new jewelry or dress…ah maybe a BTS or BT21 merch? A Chimmy keychain or something. I’ll let you know what I decide

Anyways, asides celebrating outside, I also want to celebrate on the blog for you all! So I’m doing a “Milestone Week!” 🎉🎉🎉🎉

So I will be posting everyday of this week to celebrate! This is my second 7-days post this month. Well done June😂

So each day I will be posting something related to the celebration. I hope you’re looking forward to it. This is super spontaneous by the way, because I didn’t know I was close to hitting 5K so even I don’t know what I will be posting yet😂 but do not worry, it will be fun because I’m Ib😌

Thank you once again!

Do look forward to the Milestone Week!

Don’t forget you can always follow or reach out to me through the social media links down below! Love you, Adios!


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