I feel like I’m going to piss some Armys off with the post so just to remind y’all that this is all for humor sake so if you’re under this category, don’t take it to heart 😗


Annyeong Army Yorobun!

안녕 아미 여러분!!!

Heyyyy Army!!!

So I did a poll on my fan account if I should do a post talking about Armys on Weverse and y’all agreed so here it is, besties!

To be honest, Weverse is a whole different universe from Twitter. I joined Weverse before I decided to create a fan account on Twitter. Infact, the only reason I created a fan account on Twitter is so I could vote without overwhelming my non-Army mutuals.

Yeah, I’m considerate like that

BTS Twitter is actually so fun! I wish I joined sooner😂. Anyways, back to the subject at hand, Weverse is actually filled with so many kinds of Armys and it’s so funny to me so I thought why not share my experience with y’all especially since some of you said you aren’t on Weverse. This is just to give you an idea of what kind of place Weverse is.

Again, this is all for laughs. No one should take it seriously unless I take it seriously!

Now let’s jump into it!


• Friendly ARMYs

Honestly, I’ve come in contact with super friendly ARMYs. The ones that would interact with your posts and just comment the sweetest things under. Literally we’re having a conversation in the comments section and it’s not like you’re going to ever talk after those 5 minutes cause Weverse hasn’t made room for private discussions on the app but these ARMYs are super accommodating and very nice. Love it!

• Love letter ARMYs

These ARMYs don’t give a damn about the world. All they want to do is keep writing beautiful letters to BTS. I personally love to go through the letters, some are super cringey but most are like heartwarming and very sensitive and cute. What I love the most are the pictures they attach. I need to control my fingers on Weverse, really I’m on there for just 5 minutes and I’ve saved almost 30 pictures 😩. I have never seen an ugly picture of BTS, they too fine, the camera just has to yield…imagine being so good looking, I can’t

I’m going off topic again😂. This is how I chat with my Army besties…no direction.

• The “Cheer my post” ARMYs

These ARMYs are the most frustrating set of people I’ve ever encountered in my close to 19 years on earth. So apparently there’s a notion that the more cheers you have on your post, the more likely BTS is going to read it which I don’t agree with cause there are times they have commented under people with literally no cheers. It’s just luck. If you’re lucky enough to post immediately they click on the app then good for you! And also if you have the ARMY membership as well

But these ARMYs don’t care about that, all they want is for you to cheer their post so “BTS can read it”. You can say “How was your day, ARMYs?” And they would say “hey army. Please cheer my post #blahblahblah, I have cheered yours too” like bruh 🙄🙄🙄

BigHit created this space for ARMYs to interact with each other and with BTS but my guys don’t give a damn about anyone. I saw a post and this girl was talking about how she was depressed and thinking of taking her life and someone commented, “dear army, please cheer my post #meowmeow”. I don’t even think these people are real to be honest. Maybe they’re bots BigHit made cause howwwww????

• The Shippers

In this fandom, yeah? The ships we have are countless. When I first joined the fandom, I was a bit skeptical cause why ship people that are obviously not dating? Especially cause I had seen videos that were edited from the original video and made in a very weird way which was disturbing but I soon realized that the majority of the ships made were not made to be like “Oh they’re dating” or “Oh they kissed”. It was more of celebrating the brotherhood and special bond between those members.

Personally I’m a sucker for SOPE. I love them so much😭. I also like Vmin, “Friends” is one my favorite songs and I love to read the lyrics cause it’s so cute!

ATTENTION: I need a Taehyung to my Jimin right now! Dm is open for application!

We also have Namjin, Taekook etc and I love all the ships what I don’t like though is shipping with other girl groups.

There’s this girl that made an account specifically to post Liskook 4 Life every single day! Like at what point!? Lisa and Jungkook have never interacted publicly in this life asides bowing to each other at award shows so where y’all getting your fantasies from.

I don’t follow any other girl group asides Blackpink but I’ve seen Taehyung interact with Jisoo on a show/shows they’ve hosted but we hardly ever see the rest of the members with any other group and I don’t blame them sometimes. After the whole fuss some of y’all raised when JK first spoke about IU or the harassment some of y’all gave JK’s tattoo artist. If Kookie decides to be celibate, I would not blame him at all but of course, I don’t wish that. I can’t wait to see BTS with the future love of their lives and with the most beautiful kids🥺.


Imagine he actually has a wife with 4 kids. Oh my God, that would be the most amazing news ever, I’m tearing up already at the thought. Namjoon is going to such an amazing dad! He would take his daughter Namjooning…omg! I get the feeling Namjoon is more of the daughter’s dad, like of course he’d love a son but I feel like he would be so attached to his daughter.

Hey Siri, how to be reborn as Namjoon’s daughter!?

It’s the way I changed the topic entirely! I always go off topic when it’s BTS, someone save me😂. Okay, next one!


I cannot count how many times I’ve encountered these ARMYs on Weverse and it’s personally so annoying because some of us ARMYs always clap back at haters/locals when they say BTS is gay meanwhile there are people in the fandom doing it as well. It’s just with a different intention.

We know haters are only trying to hate but these ARMYs are people in the LGBTQ+ community who feel that BTS understands and represents them and no lie there, BTS has come out multiple times to express support to every kind of human in this world. Whatever or whoever you might be, they stand for you and support you BUT that don’t mean they are you, bruh.

Yoongi has openly talked about people not being constrained under two genders doesn’t mean he doesn’t think he’s male (even though he wants to be a Stone in his next life). Anyways, you get where I’m coming from. BTS has shown respect and support to Muslim fans doesn’t mean they’re Muslims, yeah?

But these people don’t get it so they randomly wake up in the morning and just post, “Good morning. BTS is gay, bye”. Like are you sure you’re okay? And then they hide the post from the artists. Like why you hiding your post if you know what you wrote is fine?

I cannot understand them

Maybe cause they know there’s no way to trace them. I think it’s hella annoying anyways and offensive to call someone what they haven’t come out to say they are. Like why you calling me ugly when I didn’t tell you I’m ugly? You’re being offensive, stob it! 🤭

It’s bad enough that we already have to deal with it from the outside, you know what I mean? I don’t even know why their sexualities have to be a topic of discussion, like what’s it to you if they’re gay or straight or neither of those? How about we talk about things they actually care about like their songs and it’s impact, like Run BTS, like Jungkook’s unbuttoned shirt and Hobi’s dangerous blond hair. There’s so many things to talk about than their sexualities, aii?

Merci , Gamsahabnida, 감사합니다, Thank you, Ese adupe, Gracias

Whatever language you understand😌

• The Possessive ARMYs

Now, these ARMYs I see literally everyday on Weverse and I’ve noticed they’re mostly Kim Taehyung’s stans cause I hardly see anyone else do this for any other member which is very interesting 😂.

I don’t know if these people have had personal experiences with Tae where he said, “You are to be my wife”. These people believe Taehyung is their husband for some reason. It’s a different thing to dream, we dream all the time, I dream to wake up in the morning and have 5am conversations with Yoongi and Namjoon😔

But these people aren’t dreaming, they legit believe they are married to Kim Taehyung and it’s so ironic because Taehyung literally said ARMYs are like his best friends like it’s clear he’s not looking to marry a million people so.

Obviously some ARMYs joke around all the time, I joke around all the time

I tweeted this and you can tell it’s a joke, yeah?

But these guys are not joking and to be honest, I have no issue with it. Everyone is allowed to dream. My ONLY problem with these kind of ARMYs is that when Taehyung eventually meets someone he likes and is ready to marry, I hope they don’t become the ARMYs who start hating on the person or even hating on Taehyung cause I will not appreciate that.

Just cause he screamed, “BTS belongs to ARMY and ARMY belongs to BTS” doesn’t mean he’s planning on being celibate for the rest of his life or planning on marrying every ARMY in the world. I will forever love BTS and they will always be my priority, doesn’t mean I’m not going to get married with kids (I’m sorry, Yoongi😗). My husband is just going to have to deal with my love for BTS and I’m sure it’ll be the same way for BTS. whoever Taehyung is going to get married to is going to have to deal with his love for ARMY.

Taehyung says his kid’s first word is going to be “ARMY”. My kid’s first letters will be “BTS”. “Save Me” is going to be playing in my delivery room and all my kid’s plushies are going to be BT21. Future husband, I hope you’re reading this!

I feel like I should end it here for today. I’ve said quite a lot, I think.

Weverse is a fun place though but they need to upgrade and start letting us post videos and stickers and have private dms…Although I understand why they might never give us private dms. Some of y’all can be crazy so anything to protect my babies (I mean BTS) then I’m fine with.

But I can’t wait to see if they actually fulfill Tae’s requests. It’ll be super nice if we could get notified when they read our messages or when they’re online. Cute!

Anyways, that’s it for todayyy! I hope you enjoyed it and also, let me know if you want a part 2, or if I should do kinds of Armys on Twitter or in group chats. I don’t know which will be funnier cause they’re both funny😂.

That’s it for today, folks!

보라해! Borahae! 💜



Fr those “Hey ARMY please cheer my post” 🙄. And these haters/toxic ARMYs really think they can use gay as an insult *wheeze*. Also I’ve met some friendly armys and our convos go out of direction, yeah, felt.
The love letter ARMYs 😂😂👌👌 Totally. It’s cringe but heartwarming at the same time, yes.

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