Hey besties!!!! It’s the last day of The Bangtaniversary!

Did everyone enjoy the concert???? I was having so much fun I forgot I had to post this😂. I cannot wait for tomorrow and I’m so happy I have a huge family that I can share these beautiful moments with. Borahae ARMY and BTS💜

First of all, I want to thank every single ARMY that participated in this year’s Bangtaniversary. Y’all are amazing and this would never have been possible without you!💜

Thank you to the ARMYs and possible locals that also supported this Bangtaniversary. I love y’all so so much.

BTS and ARMY have done so much for me and this is my littlest way of giving back; by making ARMYs smile cause I know that’s what BTS love to do. I’ll forever be grateful to BTS and ARMY.

Today’s segment is “Our BTS story”. I figured this is the best way to close this Bangtaniversary and to celebrate 8 years with BTS. All the stories I got are completely amazing and it just shows how much of an impact BTS has on the world.

My BTS story is not far fetched from the stories of almost all ARMYs. I think the only difference is that most people were saved through their songs but mine started with Run BTS. I’m sure y’all will be surprised like “how can a reality show mostly about playing games able to save you from depression?”. Let me break it down for you, BTS is the definition of comedy. 80% of the the time I spend watching BTS is me just laughing and crying.

And in case you don’t know, laughter is therapy. It reduces anxiety, stress and depression. Laughter makes you feel happier and reduces endorphins which really reduces stress…blah blah blah. There’s a whole lot that goes into a genuine laugh but I’m not going to bore you with that.

Like I said, my BTS story began with Run BTS. It was one quiet and lonely night, YT recommended Run BTS ep 41 to me. I don’t know if y’all remember but that was the Whisper Challenge episode. I decided to watch it since I couldn’t fall asleep. Guys, I laughed so hard and then I slept happily (also, that was when I fell for Jimin…literally love at first lachimolala”. Of course, every night from then, I watched a new episode, some nights I would watch two or three. This lasted for months, every time I would sleep and wake up happy. I had never experienced anything like it so of course, the excitement of it all kept me going on and on. To the extent that within 3 months, I knew almost every inside joke, watched almost all episodes and we were on lockdown so I had plenty of time on my hands😂😂😂.

The only thing left for me to do was listen to their songs. Of course, I had watched performances of mostly BWL but I was skeptic of listening to their songs cause I was like, “how do I listen to a song in a language I don’t understand?”. But I finally decided to because BTS are Korean artists before they’re entertainers and if I really love them, then I should at least give them a try. I first watched ON anthem and I was like 😱😱😱😱 wtf was that???

I listened to Epiphany and I was crying like an idiot! It’s weird but fascinating how with BTS, you mightn’t understand what they’re saying but you understand what they’re saying to you through the song. It’s crazy, I tell you but very beautiful. There’s something about their songs that’s like, “It’s okay, I understand”. “You need to cry? Okay cry here, I’m your safe space and I won’t judge”.

Funny thing is even after months, I refused to refer to myself as an ARMY because I knew how much the word meant to BTS. I always felt like, am I worthy to be an ARMY? Do I deserve it? And this is not even about being corny or referring to BTS as almighty or something but you know when something is so attached to someone you love that you don’t want to take that thing for granted. That was how the word “ARMY” felt to me because I knew how important ARMYs are to BTS, like Tae literally said his child’s first word would be ARMY not daddy. Of course, I don’t want to take that for granted and I never would. A series of events happened which are kinda personal so I would not say it but these things happened and that was when I realized that maybe I am finally worth the word BTS’s ARMY. Since literally last year, it was this year January I finally said, “Okay okay, yes I’m an ARMY”. It was surreal😂 I was so happy!

I don’t want to talk too much about my story cause we have other ARMYs sharing their stories as well but I just want to address the notion that “ARMY is full of teenage love struck girls who just gosh over how handsome the boys are”.

I think it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. First of all, reducing BTS’s worth to just their physical appearances despite the huge message of self love, self care, mental health etc that they spread everyday. I think that’s offensive and very demeaning and also generalizing a fandom by only a few percentage you’ve met is just wrong.

To be honest, I don’t even get where that notion comes from because I’ve never met an ARMY that is an ARMY because BTS are attractive…never! Everyone I’ve met has a very significant and life changing story. I think these people just generalize it like “all boy bands only have fans because they are attractive and sing about girls” and BTS is not just a boy band! I’m tired of saying it.

Like if these dumb writers just do research and actually speak to a few ARMYs, they would know but noooooo they choose to wallow in their embarrassing puddle.

Ah, I don’t want to ruin the vibe of this post so I’m going to stop here so that I can share the stories by other ARMYs!


Name: Amara From: Nigeria


Aiit imma just get into it.

I heard my first song from them in January actually. While waiting for lectures to start, an acquaintance of mine was watching this video with many colours. It was the BTS Idol MAMA performance. A guy in red suit with red hair caught my attention😂. I was amazed as to how somehow could look so good with red hair. She noticed I was interested and offered one ear of her earpiece to me. I think it’s safe to say that taking that one ear brought me to where I am now.

Then I didn’t learn their names, wasn’t even interested in names. I just loved their energy. It was the first time I was seeing people singing and dancing and not really getting tired. I was just in awe. I kept asking her to replay the video😅.
After that time I didn’t hear anything about them again. I mean there was no way I could actually hear anything about them, I didn’t learn their names nor did I keep in my head the name of the song I kept replaying. It’s the way watching their performance didn’t even feel any different in terms of language to me. I don’t think I realised then that the song was not in English or I did and was not bothered about it either ways. It was almost like my ears were getting ready for what’s to come without informing me 😂🤲🏽

Then came August. Out of nowhere, of all places in my Instagram search was BTS. I don’t remember what I was doing that day. I don’t even remember the exact day in August it was in, cause I didn’t expect to be soooo attached like this. I mean I love Jon bellion, I love Ariana Grande, I love Sia but I don’t even know the date not to talk of the year I started listening to them, why would this be any different, aiit?
It was a video of western artists that have collabed with other language speaking artist. There were a lot of artists and songs in that video but I remember seeing the CNCO and little mix collab on Reggaeton lento and then Halsey and this boy group called BTS on Boy with Luv

So I downloaded the two songs. Boy with luv was so catchy. I went ahead to watch the M countdown for it. This time around it was the boy in Pink clothes with Pink hair and that caught my attention. There was this cute boy in blue hair that kept attacking me though. I loved it. I loved it to the point that I downloaded the video. I loved it to the point that my family members started humming to the song too cause that was literally all they heard the rest of the days of the summer break that year. I loved it to the point that I knew that it was not in English but it didn’t register in my head that it wasn’t in English till my sister had to remind me that “guy this thing is not in English”. I loved it to the point that I started learning about them. I loved it to the point that I was shocked that a boy group has seven members, the most I had seen in a group (that’s still I started listening to Seventeen and NCT though😂) , but was still not bothered. If anything I was more intrigued as to how things worked out for them. Then I found out they had been singing for years and no one left the group. Now I was invested, a four man group couldn’t work but a seven man group is still moving?? The maths was not mathing. There was something up with these boys. I wanted to know what it is.

It took me time to learn their names. When I thought I had jumped that hurdle, there came the wall of fanchant. I put in all my efforts in learning what it was the audience kept choruses at the beginning of their boy with luv performance. I had a smile on my face learning all these small things. Things literally became brighter.

Then I came back to school and kept on playing boy with luv. Then that acquaintance of January heard me playing it and was so happy. She told me that what we watched in January was BTS too and that she loved them. By September, I had already forgotten what song it was I watched then, all I remembered was the boy with red hair in red suit. Then the confusion came in, there is no one with red hair in the boy with luv performance. What in God’s name is going on?

Then she didn’t the funniest thing ever. She brought out her laptop and opened a folder titled BTS, that had over 70 videos. I was amazed. Not amazed that “ah this girl is obsessed” but amazed that “ah she has a full folder dedicated to these boys something is definitely up”. I was not interested in taking videos then cause my attention span is so low, I couldn’t possibly handle over 70 videos. Plus it’s just music, I just have to listen to it, I don’t really have to watch the music and performance videos too. Then she played Fake love music video. Yup that was when I knew I was hooked.

Before I got into them i knew a lot of songs. I listened to a wide vast of genre. Before I got into them I was a beat person. Like if I didn’t like the beat of a song, chances I would listen to that song is very low. I gave up on lyrics a long time ago cause no one really made sense in their lyrics anymore.

The fake love beat and tune had my full attention.

Before I knew it, I was differentiating them better. Before I knew it, I accepted that these boys dyed their hair as often as I wear black and white( that says a lot cause I am a law student😂). Before I knew it, I had watched all 74 videos on the folder. Before I knew it, If you woke me up in the middle of the night to recite the fanchant I could do it without wasting a second. Before I knew it, I started learning about their personalities better. Before I knew it, I found out what a bias, bias wrecker, hyung, maknae and even BTS means. I understood that the cute blue haired boy/red haired boy in red suit that my eyes kept looking for in every bts video I watched was my bias. It got to a point that saying bangtan soyeondan came easier than saying bts ( for some reason😂). Before I knew it, my autocorrect showed BTS everytime I typed the letter B. Before I knew it, my Google search was filled with BTS this BTS that,BTS when BTS where. Before I knew it, I was going through their discography.

Before I knew it, I took my first real step in knowing them, reading up the meaning of their songs. I knew the translation for just a few of their songs cause some of the videos I collected from my acquaintance turned friend had subtitle but I had never actually on my own searched up the lyrics of any of their songs. I had the sudden urge to do it one day and for some reason, out of the then forty something BTS songs on my phone then, I searched Magic shop first and I cried. Not the few tears escape kind of crying, I mean the chest heaving catarrh dripping red eyed gasping for air kind of crying. Cried for two reasons. First of their songs reminded me of the days when I was so invested in lyrics of songs before the beat. Secondly, their lyrics made me realise what I actually craved. What did I crave you may wonder?? I craved people who understood me. I thought that was impossible until I searched up the lyrics for magic shop. Days when I hate myself?? That was turning into an everyday something nigga what’d you mean?😂. I kept searching up the remaining of their songs. Musixmatch really came in handy those days😂. I found out that these boys put a catchy tune with an attractive choreo and crown it with depressed lyrics. That sparked something in me.

I found it amazing. It felt and still feels like they sing from my heart. It got to a point in my life that no one wanted to have discussions on topics that really mattered. No one wanted to entertain questions that actually challenges their innate societal beliefs on spirituality, economics, life dream. Topics that I had countless questions on. So I buried my interest. Then these seven boys came in and just ripped open my chest of interest, my chest of questions, my chest of opinions that I thought I had padlocked, without warning too. That was why I cried.

I looked forward to having my alone time with them. They were so blunt with their lyrics it felt like I was having a conversation with myself. I filtered my songs list cause of them. I deleted all the songs that made no sense to me. After I started listening to them almost every other song sounded like noise to me to be honest. I started keeping true words, not only from them but other artists that sang about the truth. They opened my eyes to the fact that I was in my growing stage and what I considered music was very important. The more I listened to them the more I wanted them to drop more albums. I wanted more. So I turned to their documentaries, I turned to their YouTube videos, I turned to Run bts.

All of a sudden I didn’t have a low attention when it came to BTS. All someone had to do was mention BTS and there will be this sudden burst of energy in me that will make me start saying every single thing I knew about each member, starting with the blue haired/red haired in red suit boy of course🥺😂.

It was listening to good music for other artists I listened to but for BTS it was like breathing and I don’t mean it in a creepy way ( although we can admit that there is nothing creepy about loving bts😚✌🏾), but in a “finally someone understands” kind of way. In a world that every one is constantly judging you and you’re constantly second guessing yourself, listening to BTS is like someone saying “aiit, you too? That’s alright come here let me give you a hug and a listening ear”. Sure I had persons I considered my friends, I had persons who listened to me but it couldn’t and can’t be compared to what I feel with BTS. With each song I heard, it was like I didn’t even have to say anything they already knew. They had a song for everything!!!!! Talent at its peak!!!!

I was ready to defend them anytime someone opened their mouths to say oh your Chinese boys that look like girls. Like my look alone screamed “watch what you say cause if you think I won’t slap you you’re mistaken cause I will beat you up”🙂. It became less violent as time passed. It switched to ” Idgaf about what you think about BTS, I don’t even respect neither did I ask for your opinion so what’d you mean” kind.

Till tomorrow there will still be persons around me that will constantly call them ching chong ( as they jam to dynamite and butter though🙂) and that’s alright. I actually don’t care anymore, that’s their loss not mine. I definitely can see the difference between the me before August 2019 and the me of 2021 now. I am not one of those Mc representatives😂 that had a mad glow up after listening to bts ( cause honestly I am broke everyday and I appreciate fashion but have zero strength on appreciating fashion on me unless someone offers to be doing that for me👉🏾👈🏾) or who actually started loving themselves after opening their ears and hearts to their love yourself speak yourself 3-4 years campaign. Sure I became less harsh and reduced the hurtful words I said to myself but actually loving myself, I would love to believe that I am still en route. But my perception of everything changed. Rather, it’s still changing. Everything became clearer sort of. Even, for persons who say they don’t believe in God, they made me get closer to Him, the big guy upstairs. Ironic isn’t it?

Some persons may wonder how it is possible that I had to go all the way to another language to feel safe. I think about that a lot too. What does it matter though? It’s just language. The only thing people love to focus on is the visible or obvious things like language and skin colour. What of the things within like the way we have the same number of body parts and organs. We go through the exact same problems just in different fonts, have the same profession even have a lot more in common than we realise but people just want to limit themselves to shallow reasoning. Its cute though but stay away from me cause I will belittle you #disrespectfully

This write up will be incomplete if I don’t point out the fact that I am definitely in that stage where the energy I had at the beginning has reduced in comparison to now. I would forever and I mean forever love them ( I mean you can’t help but love them 🥺). I still go fan girl crazy about them but you can’t compare it to the 2019 me. It’s still cool though. I already know I would be listening to their songs till they disband so my ears are ready to hear many more “you and these your Chinese boys that look like girls” and my eye rolls are set as the years come, by God’s grace.

Just do you, breathe,  take one day at a time and just appreciate good music. Every action you make let it be that you want to make not cause others want. I mean if you haven’t learnt anything from bts’ story, at least we cannot deny the fact that everything happens for a reason and you just have to hurt first before it will be alright 💜

PS: I listened to my only bts playlist while writing this. It only felt right😚👉🏾👈🏾💜

Thank you IB!!!! Love you💙💖🖤❤💛💚💜


Name: Agnija

From: Latvia but I live in UK

My journey with BTS started in September 2017.
Before I found out about BTS I had experienced major changes in my life. I was bullied in school for years and because of that I had changed multiple schools, but there were only a few schools and all of them were linked in one way or another. In my last school, I was unable to escape bullying either. I was bullied because of my appearance people kept saying that I am fat and ugly, also my classmates bullied me because I was youngest one in class. At some point, bullying just stopped and my classmates started to become friends with me, I was truly happy to have friends, but it did not last long. Someone started spreading nasty and hurtful rumours. For a while I did not know why it was happening and slowly people were distancing themselves from me because they were afraid that these rumours would be about them and people who were once my friends become a bystanders.
In spring 2017, my parents told me that we will be moving to UK. I was sceptical about it because I did not know English at all and was afraid to lose my friends. But once I told my friends that I will be moving countries, bullying and rumours became more frequent and now it was people who once were my friends who were doing it. I realised that I had no friends who could keep me there. My friends had betrayed and hurt me.
Once we moved to UK in summer of 2017. I started going to school. I resumed 2 weeks before summer holidays in school, throughout the 2 weeks, I was just trying to remember classrooms etc, since I did not speak any English and could not ask for any help. Luckily for me, I have a really loving and supportive family so when I came back from school they showered me with love and care. But in school I had no one.
After summer holiday when we came back to school in September. While in school, I felt really lonely and almost like a ghost, who can observe everyone but not interact or understand them. Every day was the same.
I started watching k-dramas and because of that in September 2017, Instagram recommended me a short video from BTS DNA MV. It interested me because of it’s positive energy and colourfulness. I went to see the whole MV. I absolutely loved it and continued to listen to their music.
In school while alone at breaks, I was listening to their music. It made me feel really comforted and happy. Their music always feels like a warm hug that comforts you, or like a powerful kick of inspiration and motivation that keeps you going and not give up on your dream.
Back then in 2017 I truly understood the saying “music has no language’’ because at the time, I did not speak English or Korean. But I still always felt the emotions and message they wanted to convey through music.
Ever since 2017, I always kept listening to their songs and through these years, BTS helped me to get over bulling, friend betrayal, racism and inequality. Every moment I cried in the school toilet, BTS were giving me the comfort and support that no one in school did. Their music was like a safe place were I could get comfort until school day was over and I would get home where my loving parents would make me happy.
Namjoon taught me to be more intelligent and handle any situation calmly. He taught me to be mature.
Seokjin taught me to be more confident and love myself.
Yoongi taught me to work hard and that it is okay to not feel okay. He taught me to do what makes me happy no matter what other people say.
Hoseok always a shining light and brings positivity into my life. He taught me how to be positive even if everything is falling apart.
Jimin taught me to appreciate every little thing that I have and the things that surround me.
Taehyung taught me to be myself. He taught me to not be afraid to show my true self to others.
Jungkook taught me to always do my best. He made me do what I thought I can’t, to believe that if I pursue what I want and do my best, I can achieve what I want.
BTS taught me to love myself and not give up. Although I still struggle with loving myself and my confidence level, they always make me believe that I am beautiful and can do what I want to do.
BTS are like my best friends who are always by my side. Who support me and I am really thankful for that. I hope and wish BTS all the happiness and love they deserve. No matter what happens in the future I always will be ARMY, I always will be their best friend who will support all 7 of them.
There is fun coincidence I want to share. When I was 9, I finally decided on my favourite colour which is purple. I was 9 in 2013 the year when BTS debuted and ever since that time, purple has always been my favourite colour. It is like a fate to be an ARMY especially with DNA as my first song that made me an ARMY back in 2017.


Name: Inaya From: Indonesia

I have a friend who’s army, that time I wasn’t army yet, but this girl spoke about BTS 24/7. She didn’t annoy me, I just didn’t understand how someone could be so obsessed about something. She forced me to memorise the name of each member, and I mastered them after time. We watched a lot of fun BTS videos together, there were a lot of inside jokes only an army would understand which I didn’t at that moment. After I spent some days with her, I went home. And I just couldn’t stop. Their songs, their aura, everything about them made me want to get to know them better. I continued watching BTS videos and listened to their songs as much as possible. I didn’t consider myself as an army, because army means more than just being a BTS fan. After a few months I had the feeling that I knew them better and still getting to know them better each day, and even though I thought that I don’t deserve to consider myself army yet I started feeling like I was one. And after time I understood why my friend was so obsessed with them because oh lord, I was too.
But the time when I was hurting the most, BTS kicked in. Their songs are all filled with deep meanings and full of emotions and even though their stories were different than mine, I felt so connected to them. And they made me feel better, no matter how messed up my life was.
At the moment, I’m the best I can be. I’m kind of out of the pain, and I’m still healing little by little. This wouldn’t have gone so well if I didn’t have BTS.💜


Name: Hajar From: Morocco

Honestly, I don’t know where to begin talking about our seven boys who really changed my life from scratch, as if I was born again because I did not live a very beautiful life and frankly, I was really always isolated and did not like to talk to people a lot. I don’t know why I was like that, maybe I did not find anyone to make me laugh like I do now because I know the best group in the world that changed my life for the better. I love them a lot, and I will always love them no matter what, because I got attached to them. I laughed and cried with them. There are three things that can not be abandoned and they are my religion, my family and my favorite group. Thank you for suggesting this to me because I felt comfortable after writing my letter and this is the first time someone asked me about how BTS changed my life. Thank you💜


Name: Akeelia From: Jamaica

Hi, I’m akeelia and this is how I knew about BTS and how they changed my life…
I found out about bts from my cousin. She’s always talking about them but I wasn’t really intrested at the time because I was going through alot and my life was upside down. Then I started to watch them on YouTube, they were funny and energetic. I started listening to their music, followed them on Twitter and I search them up on Google. But there is this one member in the group that caught my attention mostly, it was (Jimin). He’s funny, he can dance very energetically and I like him. Then boom! I confessed to my cousin that I had a crush on Jimin 🙈….she was like whatttt for real??? and I was like yessss so I start getting pics of them but mostly jimin hahaha and I even ordered a phone case with BTS and the BTS logo. BTS teach me alot. They teach me to be strong no matter what the struggle is, to be happy no matter what your haters say and to have confidence in myself and from then on my life got better and better each day and just by watching them, I feel happy…I can spend the whole day just watching their funny videos, watching them perform etc….I learn alot from BTS….RM taught me to be good to people even if they do me wrong. Jin taught me to be happy even in my darkest times. Suga teaches me to love your self even if nobody does. JHope teaches me to have confidence and believe in my self even if nobody does. Jimin omggg, he teaches me to be myself and do what makes me happy. V teaches me no matter what anybody thinks, be true to your self and Jungkook teaches me to be happy and smile😭❤️❤️ and from that day now on I’m the happiest person in the world😁❤️❤️❤️….so this is my story on how i knew BTS and how they changed my life.

Akeelia signing off!💜


Name: Krishel From: Jamaica

Hello, I’m Krishel Santokie from Jamaica and I am a proud ARMY. When I was 15 years old, I was going through a lot. People would talk bad about me, They would tell me that I’m good for nothing. Even my own family discouraged me and that affected me a lot. sometimes sit down and wonder: “Am I really good for nothing? will I make my family happy?”. Even though I was going through this, I didn’t show it. Sometimes I claim to be happy when I’m actually not and put on a fake smile. But……..all of that changed when my sister introduced me to BTS😁😁. At first I thought it was boring but it’s like my spirit told me to go on YouTube and watch them again and so I continued to watch them and I got like a positive and cheerful vibe. As I started to watch them and learn more, I was that one person who always said, “All of them look alike. How am I going to know who’s who?😂”.
And from that moment on, BTS has been my role model and my fav band of all time. No one could get me to listen to American music like I used to. BTS has inspired me to work hard and to follow my dream. They went from living in a single room to living in one of most popular places in Korea because of hard work and determination. So I’ve decided to study and work hard to reach my dreams with or without support from people because I know that ARMY and BTS are cheering for me😊! Fighting!💜


Name: Diya From: India but I live in the US

BTS….honestly saved my life….they taught me it was ok to be who I am and that they will love me no matter what. And that I should too. They helped me get through SO much…you name it: deaths, breakups, family issues, etc. I used to be made of malleable steel before them…but with them, I am made of bulletproof titanium. I know now that I don’t need to be afraid of myself. I can come out as who I truly am….though people may knock me down. I will never cease to get back up again, because of what BTS has taught me. So you see….BTS isn’t just a regular band with a fandom…they are a family….my second family. And they have a whole Army behind them who have their backs and catch them as they fall, just as they’ve done for us every single time. So as an Army, I can proudly say, BTS changed my life. So thank you bangtan…for everything you have done and thank you for being there when no one ever was…..happy Bangtan anniversary!!❤️💜🥳🎉🎊🎁


And yet people ask why ARMYs be doing the most for BTS. Y’all think when we say, “BTS saved me”, it’s a joke????? I’ve read so many stories of ARMYs who were suicidal but stopped after BTS found them. So many incredible and inspiring stories.

Sometimes I sit and wonder so many “What Ifs”

What if RM actually got signed in his first agency

What if Jin never got on the bus that day or by a few seconds, missed the bus..that particular bus at that perfect timing

What if Yoongi decided to listen to his parents and never pursue music

What if RM didn’t stop Hobi from leaving BTS

What if Jimin’s teacher never encouraged him to audition for Big Hit

What if Tae didn’t accompany his friend to the audition that day

What if JK decided to sign with a bigger company

We literally would never have known this group that has managed to break the language barriers and reach out to so many people, saving so many lives and giving so many people a reason to live.

A lot of people ask me, “What’s so special about BTS?”. We’ve seen so many boy bands rise and fall and I think the reason BTS keeps going higher and higher is because they’ve never been about the superficial stuff. “Most” male bands or males in general tend to focus their music on money or girls/ladies or other superficial stuff but with BTS, it’s not that. Yes, there’s been a few songs like Boy in Luv that centered around young school love but majority of their songs focus on really important matters and you can tell through their lyrics.

For example, their debut album and mini album 2COOL4SKOOL and O!RUL8,2?, centered around the educational system mostly the Korean educational system and how harsh it is on kids and their dreams. SKOOL LUV AFFAIR focused on school life and young love. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT IN LIFE PT 1, 2 AND YOUNG FOREVER talked about the youthful years, it showed the importance of youthful friendships and the the freedom that comes with being a youth but it also focused on the downsides as well, depression, suffering, loneliness and the effect the society has on young youthful minds. Then, they dropped WINGS and oh my God the Wings era cannot be forgotten 🤲🏽.

Of course we cannot talk about BTS without mentioning “Love Yourself” because of the hugeeee impact the “Love Yourself series” had on everyone. LOVE YOURSELF: HER, LOVE YOURSELF: TEAR and LOVE YOURSELF: ANSWER were all so remarkable and impactful. Let’s just say this era really reached out and touched A LOT of people plus it has my favorite songs, Mic Drop, Idol, Fake love, DNA etc. And the Japanese album, FACE YOURSELF, literally the first Japanese album I’ve ever listened to.

MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA and my best album of all time, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 were so beautiful! Beautiful songs and very very in depth lyricism. Their solo songs; Filter, Moon, Persona, Ego etc all really really showed the individualism that still exists in the tight knit group. You can really see and hear how different they are from each other in all their solo songs and it just goes to show that, “Yes, they are BTS but they’re also still their own persons” and I love that. I love that BigHit…sorry Hybe (still getting a hang of it) gives them the freedom to REALLY express themselves. The fact that all their albums tell stories, actual meaningful life changing stories that actually touch people and heal people across all borders.

I’m sorry but you don’t just wake up one morning and get the biggest fandom in the world by looking handsome.

The BE album was very soulful cause of course, it was made to bring comfort to Armys during this whole corona thing and it did, trust me. “Dis-ease” is my favorite, the message Hobi was trying to pass across through the lyrics was very relatable especially considering where the world is right now. I heard Jimin wrote the bridge that everyone loves so much, Go Hobi and Jiminie!✨. I also love “Stay” and “Blue and Grey”, JK and Tae did an amazing work on the songs. I actually cried when I first listened to Blue and Grey, I guess just imagining what Tae was trying to convey through the song really had me balling 😭😭😭

I wish I could take more stories but I think the post is getting too long and of course, today is BTS’s day so we have to go make noise and celebrate! I don’t want to keep y’all on my page for too long. You can all share your BTS stories in the comments. I don’t know if there’s a limit but I would love to hear them all!

Maybe I should do a part 2 of this one, outside the Bangtaniversary series because The Bangtaniversary ends today till possibly same time next year!

Happy 8th anniversary to Bangtan Sonyeondan!!! I don’t even know the words to say to express my gratitude. You are truly amazing and out of the world. I strongly believe God created you 7 as a gift to humanity. Like Amara said, you might not believe in God but you definitely drew me closer to Him and even though like Inaya, I felt like I didn’t deserve to be an ARMY or to be loved so much by you, you still make up the most of my happiest days and I will forever be grateful. Happy Anniversary again, kings! The world still is not ready for you!!!

Ahhh, I can’t believe it’s ending already 😭. This Bangtaniversary was definitely a time for me to get to really know ARMYs and know BTS from other ARMYs perspectives and to be honest, it’s not really different at all. I really love and will cherish you all. Thank you thank you thank you.

And for the rest of the world, I hope everyone is able to find their own light in the tunnel like BTS is for ARMYs and Vice versa.

I will be ending this Bangtaniversary now with hope of more to come! Thank you besties and borahae!💜



Bts run episodes are free therapy 💜💜
Can’t even count how many times “this show” saved me from depression.
I loved reading this post and the first person’s story sounds similar to mine. Happy to find another army through blogging.

Talking about sowoozoo concert, it’s totally satisfied with their performance. I’m also planning on writing my experience to express how deeply I admire them.

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Omg! I can totally relate! Run BTS also saved me from depression. I can’t wait to read your experience as well. Also, I love your blog! I’m literally stalking your page rn😭💜

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