It is Day 2!

Day 1 was fun but also semi-deep. If you haven’t read Day 1, go back hunnayyy! Go back! I feel like from the Q/A, you could tell who’s a baby Army and who’s been in the game!😂 It was super fun reading the answers. Armys are a VIBE

TODAY!! (Not su, we are playing a game titled;


Basically, Armys are going to guess which member said the statement. Hold up! I know you think, “Oh that’s easy. Armys know almost every inside joke within the fandom”. Yeah well I tried! I sought for this statements! I went deep for these statements, not all though, I got tired 😂. Some are easy passes while some well…

I hope this makes you laugh as much as it did for me! Borahae!

Special Blog Guests!

Name: Sanyah From: An Island called Mauritius Hobbies: Singing and Dancing. Good at: Stanning BTS

Name: Twinkle From: India Hobbies: Sketching and wasting my time

Name: Nandana From: India Hobbies: Listening to music

Name: Shambhavi From: India Hobbies: Singing and reading

Name: Mohini From: India Hobbies: Singing and listening songs, badminton, and eat or sleep😂

Name: Karlijn From: Netherlands Hobbies: Drawing, painting, writing

Alright, so like I said, I will say a statement and they have to guess who said the statement. The answers will be revealed at the end!

Of course, Armys can join in! Try to guess who said it and tell me your score in the comments! Now, let’s get into it.

1. ?: I can’t see while laughing

Sanyah: Jimin

Twinkle: JIMIN

Nandana: Jimin

Shambhavi: Jimin

Mohini: Jin

Karlijn: Jimin cause he said that because of his eyes jsjdjfj he has such pretty eyes🥺

2. ?: I hold my breathe ten seconds a day to prevent carbon dioxide emission

Sanyah: Ummm JHope

Twinkle: J-HOPE

Nandana: Suga

Shambhavi: JHope

Mohini: Hmmm

Karlijn: I think Namjoon 😂 but it can be the others too tho… maybe Suga with his facts, okay no I’m gonna go with Namjoon

3. ?: I put all my 25 years of experience into this drawing

Sanyah: Ummm RM?

Twinkle: Hobi OPPA

Nandana: Suga

Shambhavi: JK? Or V?

Mohini: I don’t know😂

Karlijn: I thinkkk Jin

4. ?: I recently started a book. It’s called, “I’m home but I still want to go home”. It has a lot of comforting and relatable messages. I only read the cover though.

Sanyah: I guess V

Twinkle: Jungkook

Nandana: V

Shambhavi: 😬

Mohini: Tae

Karlijn: I feel like JK, Jin or Suga. But I think Jin

5. ?: When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is look in the mirror like “Wow, you’re so handsome. Ah, why are you so handsome. I’m jealous”.

Sanyah: Jin…you know???

Twinkle: Jin

Nandana: Jin

Shambhavi: I don’t think I know

Mohini: Of course, Jin

Karlijn: no doubt that’s Jin

6. ?: Today, we’re all going to die but no today.

Sanyah: RM…it’s Valentine’s Day 😂

Twinkle: Taehyung

Nandana: Namjoon

Shambhavi: I think RM

Mohini: RM

Karlijn: I feel like that’s a Suga thing to say

7. ?: If I think about the environment, I can overcome my fatigue and my laziness. I’m so proud of myself that I’ve been recycling for over 26 years and still continuing until this day. Jimin: You’ve been recycling since you were born? ?: Yeah

Sanyah: V

Twinkle: Jhope

Nandana: Namjoon

Shambhavi: I don’t know

Mohini: Our Suga

Karlijn: RM? I think

8. ?: You know BTS? Billboard singer

Sanyah: Yoongi! Yoongles

Twinkle: Min Yoongi 😂😭

Nandana: Jin

Shambhavi: Suga

Mohini: Suga again😂

Karlijn: Suga, i saw this interview.

9. ?: I like peace, I like the pigeons. My favorite word is the pigeon.

Sanyah: RM

Twinkle: RM

Nandana: Namjoon

Shambhavi: JK

Mohini: RM

Karlijn: I’ll go with Namjoon

10. ?: I have this kind of anxiety. When I see many words, I feel sleepy. So before I go to bed, I open a book and then “Oh good, let’s sleep”

Sanyah: Suga?

Twinkle: Taehyung

Nandana: V

Shambhavi: I think Suga

Mohini: TaeTae

Karlijn: I’ll go with Jin.

11. ?: Shut up, Malfoy. Shut up Malfoy

Sanyah: RM

Twinkle: Yoongi

Nandana: Namjoon

Shambhavi: RM

Mohini: My Joon😂❤️

Karlijn: def Namjoon

12. ?: Excuse me! Hello! Oh hey, you pretty, yeah come on.

Sanyah: Jimin

Twinkle: Jimin

Nandana: Jimin

Shambhavi: Jimin

Mohini: Of course, Jiminssi!😂

Karlijn: Imma go with Jhope cause I think so😂

13. ?: I hate snakeu

Sanyah: JHope

Twinkle: Jhope

Nandana: Hobi

Shambhavi: JHope

Mohini: Hobi, our sunshine

Karlijn: Defs JHope

14. ?: I know movie but I don’t know movie name

Sanyah: JK

Twinkle: Jungkook

Nandana: JK

Shambhavi: JK

Mohini: Of course JK 🔥

Karlijn: def JK

15. ?: If you don’t help me, you’ll go bald

Sanyah: Jin

Twinkle: Taehyung maybe

Nandana: Suga?

Shambhavi: Umm I don’t know

Mohini: Maybe Joonie

Karlijn: well then I think V

16. ?: Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Sanyah: JK

Twinkle: Jungkook

Nandana: Jk

Shambhavi: JK

Mohini: JKKKK🔥🔥🔥

Karlijn: Is that JK? I think it might be JK

And that is the end of Armys guessing! Now, who is the winner of “My Bias Once Said”? Let’s…


1. ?: Jimin

2. ?: Hobi/JHope

Sadly, I couldn’t find the video. I think it was during one of their FESTA Vlives but I can’t find it anymore. It was Yoongi’s response that made me remember 😂

3. ?: Yoongi/Suga

4. ?: Tae/Taehyung/V

Taehyung be saying the dumbest things with the straightest face😂😂😂. I love him😂

5. ?: Jin

He’s so cute, stob it!😂😂😂

6. ?: Namjoon/RM

7. ?: Tae/ Taehyung/ V

8. ?: Yoongi/Suga

9. ?: Namjoon/RM

10. ?: Taehyung/ Tae/ V

11. ?: Namjoon/RM

12. ?: Jimin

They were so adorable 😭😭😂

13. ?: JHope/Hobi


14. ?: Jungkook/JK

15. ?: Jin

16. ?: Jungkook/JK

And now, the results… ouuuuu

Sanyah: 14/16

Twinkle: 11/16

Nandana: 12/16

Shambhavi: 8/16

Mohini: 11/16

Karlijn: 8/16

The winners for the “MY BIAS ONCE SAID” challenge are *drum roll please*

1st Place 🥇 ~ Sanyah!

2nd Place 🥈 ~ Nandana!

3rd Place 🥉 ~ Twinkle and Mohini!

And the star awards go to!!!

🏅🏅 ~ Shambhavi and Karlijn!

Thank you so much to everyone that participated in today’s challenge. To other ARMYs that participated, don’t forget to share your scores in the comments. I would love to see what y’all got!

It’s just Day 2 and I still have so much in store for you all!!! So anticipate! Thank you so much and Borahae 💜


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