Ahhhhhh!!! I’m so excited!

Okay before I begin expressing my excitement, I know that I’m going to have new audiences because my Army besties would be joining me, of course so Armys! If you’re not comfortable reading English, there’s a spot below this page, right after the comments section where you can translate this page to any language you like.

Also, there’s an app Kookie uses to translate from English to Korean and vice versa, it’s called “Papago”. I checked it out and there’s a place you can insert this link and it’ll translate it to whatever language you like.

To be honest, I feel like if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably okay 👌🏽 but of course, I need to make sure my besties are comfortable, now let’s get into it!

So most of my Army besties know that I’ve been planning this for a while now…since April actually cause this BANGTANIVERSARY is for 7 days. It is ending on the 13th of June which is a very special day for BTS and Armys because it is the day it truly all began. Bangtaniversary is a project mainly for Armys to come together and celebrate our Kings on their anniversary. It was a lot of work getting a lot of Armys and organizing everything but it was also super super fun and I hope the Armys that participated and the Armys that are reading have a lot of fun as well.

Like I said, it’s for 7 days till the anniversary of BTS. There are A LOT of fun stuff Armys and I did, so I hope you’re anticipating them!


Our special blog guests for today’s Bangtaniversary areeee:

Name: Megan 💜
From: South Africa

Hobbies : Listening to music …Singing
Good at: Math..Rapping..Singing..

Name: Amarachi From: Nigeria. Good at: Reading and passing and keeping up with BTS

Name: Mina From: Malaysia Hobbies: Writing stories and dancing. Good at: Singing maybe.

Name: Jia From: India Good at: Dancing and Singing

Name: Urah. From: Nigeria Hobbies: Dancing and listening to music. Good at: Dancing

Name: Madhura From: India Hobbies: Read books and play badminton

Ready for the Q/A?

Personally, I feel like I should add a few comments here and there. Maybe answer a few questions just for fun. My answers would be after everyone’s answers in Italics. Enjoy!

1. Introduce yourself using your bias but not his name.

Megan: Hey, I’m Pornessio Parrabio❣️

Amara: He does not wear his shoes well cause he prefers slippers to shoes😂🐻.

Mina: Hi, I am worldwide handsome and StoB it with broad shoulders cause I have windshield laugh😂.

Jia: Hello, I’m a book worm, main rapper, main vocalist, and hyung of maknae line.

Madhura: Hi, I’m international playboy!

Me: Where is camera? Hey, you nice, keep going. Listen boi! I’m good boy and I’m your hope, you’re my hope. Remember, night apple is poison apple. Ahaa Jungkook’s english is so cute wawwww!

I felt so smart the first time I said this😂

2. What do you adore the most in each of the members?

Megan: I adore their cuteness..caring…goofiness😌❤️.

Amara: I adore Jin’s ability to continue to remind himself of how much he needs self confidence.
I adore Namjoon’s ability to hold his tongue, asper control what leaves his mouth.
I adore Yoongi’s gift to be so relatable.
I adore Hobi’s strength to smile even when in pain.
I adore Jimin’s love depth. Asper the love that man has in him is just too much😩.
I adore Tae’s ability to maintain beauty, that shit must be nice.
I adore JK’s hardworking nature.

Mina: Cuteness, singing skills and well everything💜.

Jia: I adore
Namjoon’s intelligence,
Seokjin’s visual,
Yoongi’s tolerance,
Hoseok’s hope giving vibe ,
Jimin’s angel mind,
Taehyung’s pure soul,
JungKook’s devotion.

Madhura: Rm: his dimple , Jin: his handsome face , Suga: his gummy smile , JHope: his smile , Jimin: his fingers , V: his personality , Jungkook: his abs 🥵😝

Urah: They are all really beautiful first😂.

3. Why are you stuck with them till now?

Megan: They just make me happier 💜🌑

Amara: Cause of their music and run bts and their humility.

Mina: Because of their songs and their story.

Jia: I won’t say it’s staying stuck, I will say it’s an eternal bond beyond understanding and as I am one of the person who share this eternal bond bond with BTS, it is because artists these days mostly sing songs that include love stories , cheating stories , and dirty things too but I’ve found BTS who are explaining that you don’t need the love of anyone else to live. If you love yourself, you can pass every single hurdle.

Madhura: Because I love them and their songs!

Urah: Because they care about their fans a lot and because they have been through a lot and they still come strong always 💜

I think the reason I’m still with BTS is because it’s a two way relationship , unlike with most artists, where the fan is only one that often expresses their love for the idol. BTS reminds us literally everyday of how much they love and appreciate us. Also, the world is a very cruel place so for me and most Armys, BTS is like that ray of sunshine that illuminates and just gets rid of all the negativity.

4. What song still makes you cry?

Megan: Spring Day and So far Away by Agust D

Amara: Your eyes tell, Magic shop and Sea.

Mina: Spring day and Truth untold.

Jia: It’s quite confusing because all of BTS’s songs are just awesome but here are some songs which makes me cry.
A) Moonchild
B) Epiphany
C) Dear friend
D) Blue side
E) Lie
F) Winter bear
G) My time
H) Outro: Tear
I) Zero o’clock
J) Sea (hidden track from Love Yourself: Answer)

Madhura: We are Bulletproof: The Eternal

Urah: Jamais Vu

I think I’ve cried the most for “We are Bulletproof: The Eternal”, I don’t know why that song just hits different.

5. What is your favorite song by BTS?

Megan: Uhh that’s hard… Imma say The Love Yourself and BE album❤️ or No more dream 🖤.

Amara: This is a very tough question😩😂…. I’ll say Magic shop, Just one day, Trivia Love, Trivia Seesaw, Sea and Your eyes tell.

Mina: Mic drop and….all songs!

Jia: Well, till date, whatever BTS has released, all the songs I’ve heard are beautiful. I might not have heard all but most of them and all are beautiful. But nicest song and fav is ‘Sea’.

Madhura: Magic Shop

Urah: Make it right

I loveeee all their songs BUT MIC DROP, DDAENG, DAECHWITA and ON make me feel POWERFUL! I listen to those songs and I feel like I’m on top of the world! Ddaeng makes me feel so sassy, it’s amazing 😂

6. When did you know you had picked the right fandom?

Megan: When I met amazing army friends 💜 so loving and kind.

Amara: When the fandom collectively carries out projects and does donations 😭.

Mina: Every day when I wake up in the morning.

Jia: In 2014. Yes, at that time BTS literally didn’t have a lot of fans but the few Armies they had were so dedicated to their idols that it didn’t take me a long time to realise that I chose the right fandom.

Urah: Honestly I don’t know, I guess right from the start I just knew.

Madhura: During the lockdown

I think I realized when an Army on Weverse was sharing her problems and how she felt like committing suicide and other Armys were cheering her up, trying to comfort her and telling her to stay. Also, all my Army friends are the kindest people I’ve ever met.

7. An Army and BTS inside joke?

Megan: You know this ⛓️3💰😎😂😂..Mans never hot😂

Amara: Infires mehn😭

Mina: Lachimolala!

Jia: Ahh, the most popular “Carebonara lachimolala” and the underrated “strong power, thank you”.

Madhura: I hate snakeu

Where is camera?

8. One thing you want to say to the people who don’t understand your love for these guys?

Megan: Y’all will never understand no matter what I say🤧🖤 just OPEN YOUR HEART❤️.

Amara: BTS’s songs is only for the elite that have accepted that it’s alright to cry, so if you don’t understand it, continue deceiving yourself that you’re doing fine❤️

Mina: You have no taste in music and live a life lol.


Madhura: I don’t understand why haters hate them. BTS are humans too and they work hard to make us happy. Haters are gon’ hate and we, players are gon’ play!

Urah: Y’all are missing out periodt!

To be honest, I used to be very upset when people would say, “Oh you only like them cause they’re handsome” blah blah blah …all those superficial stuff because I know and Armys know that BTS is more than just their looks but now I don’t care cause I feel like BTS and their songs aren’t meant for everyone and I believe everything happens by fate. So it’s fine if people don’t get it because I believe their songs are reaching and touching the people who it’s meant for.

9. Favorite line in a song and why?

Megan: I love La la la la la la ..alot…💜. Armys know whyy.

Amara: There’s this one line in Answer: Love Myself, in suga’s rap where he goes “If you look at it in a certain way, it’s harder loving yourself than loving someone else. Let’s admit what we have to admit, the standards you put out are harsher on yourself”. That shit has never left my head.

Mina: All their lyrics have me swimming in my own tears because they are very deep.

Jia: There are many but this is really touching:
“Let’s make a door in your heart
Open the door and this place will await.
It’s okay to believe, the Magic Shop will comfort you” . This line is so comfortable and powerful that you will be smiling after reading this and knowing that even if the world gives up on you, there is still someone to motivate and comfort you.

Madhura: Jimin’s lines in Magic Shop gives me relief.


I always sing, 이젠 내게 약속해, oh oh
하루에 번씩 oh oh
혼자라 느껴도 oh oh
버리지는 oh oh” It means, “Promise now to me oh oh, even if you feel like you’re alone oh oh, several times a day oh oh, don’t throw yourself away oh oh”. It’s from Jimin’s song, “Promise”. I sing it everytime I’m trying to cheer myself up. This song has cheered me up so many times. Gamsahabnida Jimin-ssi! 💜

10. What do you love about BTS songs?

Megan: Their deep lyrics and passion in each melody🤧💜.

Amara: The comforting nature. The lyrics of their songs hit way too close to home most times. It’s almost like they read my mind, put a beat and called it a song.

Mina: Their story.

Jia: BTS’s songs aren’t like other artists’s songs. BTS’s songs will help you to realize your worth, will make you
understand that you deserve every good thing in the planet, will let you know that you are right by stanning them just by comforting you with music.

Madhura: Their lyrics and performance outfits.

Urah: There are very touching at the same time fun even tho I don’t understand the meaning of some words, I feel it.

Obviously their lyrics…the stories they tell using the songs. Also, I love that they don’t settle on just one genre, like with a BTS album, you never know what to expect. I love the suspense!

11. How has joining the Army fandom changed your life?

Megan: Woahh…understanding people…no sleep…great music..and Dream big❤️🖤.

Amara: Unlike other armys that have had major glow ups and love themselves more and have improved more on their talents, for me since I joined the fandom I have sincerely laughed more. I am still insecure about my body and many abstract things but for me, happiness is more and it is what I really searched for.

Mina: Armys are so friendly and they help me out with everything.

Jia: I really wasn’t good at performing arts and I used to hate music and dance but they were so different from others that they made me love all sorts P.A. I now dance more nicely and I’m really happy these days.

Madhura: Love Yourself album, the lyrics thought me to love myself. BTS thought me no matter how you are, your skin color, your height and your weight, just be confident and loyal.

Urah: If I am having a bad day I think about the fandom or watch some videos of bts from the fan pages and I feel good 😌 all the time.

I’m happier now. I have gotten to love myself more and I’m more confident, thanks to Seokjin. I’ve learnt to be more accepting of what happens in life and understand that not everything is my fault and there are things I just can’t control. I’ve also learnt to SPEAK MYSELF!

12. One of Jin’s daddy jokes?

Megan: “When the designer bring scissors, I bring rock..then he knows I already won🤧😂”.

Amara: I actually don’t know but there was this one he did about pigs in that one run bts episode that Jimin was a prisoner.

Mina; What do we call the queen of duck?? Songdeuk

Jia: Jin :- we are all living in a bubble?
Jin :- un-belie-bubble

Madhura: What you call a person with no body and no nose – Nobody knows😂

Jin: What is Taehyung’s favorite food? Everyone: 👀 Jin: po-TAE-toes

13. If BTS was throwing a party and “Armys” are invited, what do you think would be the password to come in?

Megan: Lachimolala😂💜

Amara: The password will definitely either be 0613 or purple heart or they’ll say “so show me” and to answer the response will be “I’ll show you”😂

Mina: Btsarmyforever

Jia: It’s quiet cheap to think that it would be “20130613” because it’s their debut date. So this is what I thought:
‘ 2 20 19 1 17 12 25 ‘ . Now you might think why this? The reason is;
Y-25 .
So that number stands for BTSARMY.

Madhura: BTS love ARMY

Urah: Jimin is handsome 😂

14. Something you’d like to say to your bias?

Megan: To RM- Gamsahamnida for Your Existence, myour passion for music, your love and cuteness🤧💜💜, for lot of things actually.

Amara: To Taehyung – ” you don’t feel confident about your looks and that’s fine, more than half of the world’s population feel the same way but I hope Armys adoration for your beauty counts for something 💜”
“some beauty tips boss👉🏾👈🏾”
To Hobi – ” I am not one whose opinions should matter to you but I hope you’re not forcing yourself to be happy cause that’s what you’re known for now and you don’t want to let us down. Its okay to frown💜”

Mina: To Jin- I really love your voice and everything about you and I hope you will appear in a kdrama one day.

Jia: To Jungkook sunbaenim– you don’t know how much your songs and voice has inspired me to sing songs and your dance steps are so admirable that i tried learning it and I succeeded in that. And in times when i was sad, I remembered your quote to live with passion, thank you for this. To Namjoonie sunbaenim– All the lyrics you have written till date has comforted me alot and made me realise that what i am worth and what i deserve, and as per your words , you were right when you said ‘you won’t regret stanning bts from beginning’. I was an army from a really young age but your lyrics are different from other artists and that makes you a unique one “. To Jiminie sunbaenim– your caring personality and your soft voice attracts me the most and reminds me that there is someone who can bring me comfort even in times where my parents will give up on me. Your dance has inspired me so much that I want to learn those ballet steps you do in the choreographies. Thank you for being on earth and being with BTS. Borahae”

Madhura: To Jungkook– I really really love you!

Urah: To RM– Sarangheee oppa 😂💜

To Jimin: Thank you so much. I love you💜

I feel like if I eventually meet BTS, I won’t be able to say anything asides “thank you thank you thank you thank you”😂

15. Favorite “Run BTS” episode?

Megan: This, I can’t answer. I love alllll🤧😂💜💜💜

Amara: Run BTS ep 91-94

Mina: All their episodes are hilarious. 😂

Jia: Run BTS ep 121.

Madhura: Ep 114

I don’t want to say it but I have to🥺. We have come to the end of our Q/A segment.

This segment made me happy because it shows how much Armys do pay attention and do care for our boys and vice versa. I mean, I can’t tell you how many times Jin’s jokes have gotten me out of a bad mood and it feels great to be able to be part of something big and still feel included and loved despite where you’re from, who you worship, who you’re sexually attracted to, what your skin color is etc. Armys are literally the sweetest people alive!

I say it again and again, the Army fandom is the world we are looking for. A world where everyone loves and supports, where race or sexuality or religion or language don’t matter. Of course, there are wars sometimes and what’s a world without war but moving past that and still spreading love is something that I admire Armys for.

Of course, I’m super grateful to Armys for always standing up for our kings when this racially biased xenophobic world decides to show it’s face cause we all know BTS don’t have time for the haters, they’re too busy loving us so 😌 , but seriously thank you Armys. Borahae 💜

Anywaysssss, that is it for Day 1 of our Bangtaniversary! Hope you guys enjoyed it. Tomorrow is less serious and more of a fun vibe. Armys are playing, “MY BIAS ONCE SAID” and it’s not the usual, “Strong power, thank you” or “Lachimolala”. I DUG to find these statements so I hope y’all are anticipating! Hehe ☺️

See y’all tomorrow! Don’t forget to subscribe to me on Weverse “#MochisBoo” and my social media down below so you’ll know when I publish the next Bangtaniversary post! Borahaeeeeeeeeee💜


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