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I just have to ask….

Why didn’t we leave some people in 2010? Why?! Can we still shove them back cause there are people that don’t deserve to be in this decade. I’m not even kidding!!


I’m going to take this post step by step down to the main reason for this post and if it doesn’t make sense then don’t blame me cause ya gurl is pisseddddddd!

Do people choose to be racists or does the devil somehow possess some powers to make human beings and be like, “Yeah, these are my incarnates” cause I don’t understand how people can be so inhumane.

It’s even more disgusting when it’s your own race against you like Black Americans being racists to Africans living in Africa. Like the time when the “Fufu challenge” was trending, I don’t need to go into that. Are you not embarrassed? How do you feel?

Or when a minority race is being racist to another minority. Like Black people being racists to Asians and vice versa. Are y’all fine? Is everything alright. I mean, it’s bad that you already have to face racism from the entitled white people, but you still have to face it from other minor races or even people from your own race!

I don’t get it!

Is there something in the air?!

Anyways, that was my preamble. Now, we’re going into the main deal.

So apparently this German radio host, Mathias Matuschik had an issue with my kings’s cover of “Fix You” by Coldplay. Y’all there’s nothing wrong in not liking something. Everyone with their different tastes. I still prefer Ariana’s original “34+35” to the remix with Megan and Doja Cat but you don’t see me calling it trash. This host didn’t even call it trash, do y’all wanna know what he said.

Before I proceed, I just want to mention that Coldplay has rejected up to 3 offers to cover their song.

But they permitted BTS and even promoted the cover across all their social media handles so like at this point, no one really gives a damn about your thoughts on it.

But noooo, Mathias Matuschik didn’t just say he didn’t like it. He said…

He called it “Blasphemy”!

Let me help you a bit..

So can anyone tell me how BTS covering a Coldplay song on MTV Unplugged is seen as “Blasphemy”. I’d like to know in the comments cause I’m confused.
Or does he perhaps worship Coldplay? Or the song? The song is sacred to him?

I mean he said he’s an atheist, OBVIOUSLY! That’s why he can misuse the word “blasphemy”.

And then he said they should be vacationing in North Korea for the next 20 years. Y’all know what North Korea is like. An extremely terrible place….wouldn’t wish that upon my enemy. If you don’t know about it, go do your research 😂.

Now now now, this man didn’t stop there. He then decided to liken BTS to Corona virus. If that isn’t the most racist joke of 2020. Whoever goes, “Ah LoOk CoRoNa ViRuS!”, whenever you see an Asian person is unsettled upstairs cause I don’t understand how a human being can be called a virus. Those are two different species. If you see a Chinese person, (not Korean by the way) but they’re Asians so, and you move away cause you’re afraid to “get corona” then it’s like you’re going through intense paranoia cause at this point, the entire world has Corona but when you see a human being and call him/her a virus just cause the virus came from that part of the world, you’re RACIST! Point blank period…

But this guy said he’s not racist, why?

What sort of excuse is that?!?!?!

Just like when white people say racial slurs and say I can’t be racist cause I have a black friend. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

This bruv said he can’t be racist to BTS because he owns a South Korean car. A CAR! What does that even have to do with anything? I don’t understand how people can still think like this in the day, age, decade, century. This man needs to be flung back to 2010, I’m not even kidding ah!

To be honest, every single thing this man has uttered makes no sense. First Blasphemy, then calling a human a virus to saying you can’t be racist cause you own a Korean car. Like if you want to bash someone, at least make it make sense! This man isn’t even worth my anger😭

So of course, A LOT of people were pissed. BTS obviously isn’t going to respond to him just like they don’t respond to haters cause they’re Kings and don’t have time to handle such a mediocre issue but another Queen, Halsey and many other artists came to our boys’s defense and said;

I meannnnnnnn

Now, obviously we out here waiting for an apology from this man but his radio station ended up giving the apology and said this,

How does you expressing displeasure over a song lead to you calling somebody a virus? No correlation but okay….

Anyways, I don’t know it’s just sad and I’m not even angry cause it’s BTS like there are so many amazing and hardworking people who go through shit like this just cause of their race or skin. It’s sad…so sad.

I hope we get to a better place where time machines are built so we can easily transport these kind of people to 2001.

That’s it guys! I really had to let off that steam. I’ve been working on publishing this since last week but your girl is hella busy with school work and other stuff but hopefully, you enjoyed the post and please please, let’s spread love alwayssssssss. The world is already toxic enough as it is. Also check out this amazing girl’s TikToks! If you’re interested in BTS,

Comment down below what your thoughts are on this post and don’t forget to follow my socials so you know whenever I post!

Love y’all! See you whenever🤍



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