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Guys, guys, guys, there’s something I want to address that I find very very annoying 🤬!!! and someone did it again this past week so it triggered my annoyance again. There are so many reverse psychologists in this world… so many! Ask someone to send a picture…just a picture! And they’ll go into the historical details of how they’re ugly and they don’t like sending pictures cause they’re ugly blah blah blah. Excuse me, can you let me decide whether you’re ugly or not?

Or when someone sends a picture and they know that they’re not ugly in it, they know! But they’ll still be like there’s no need to whine me, I know I’m ugly just so they can get you to bath them with unwarranted compliments like nooooooooo! That’s so 2010!

I remember one of the guests last year, I asked him to send a picture , he was like, “I’m very ugly o”. I’m like, “Bruv, I don’t care! It’s for my blog” 😂😂😂. I don’t get how people will be deciding their appearance for someone else.

To be honest, I think it kinda stems from self-confidence, knowing you, knowing your worth/value cause I can never ever see myself telling someone, “Oh my God, I don’t know why I’m ugly” and I know some of my friends as well who would never do that cause once YOU start to bring yourself down, you’ve given everyone else the liberty to do so as well because you’ve basically degraded yourself in front of the person so the person won’t even see anything in talking shit to you or about you.

But once you’re confident, once you’ve placed yourself with high regard in front of someone, it’s hard for them to talk shit about you cause believe me, people feed off of vibes. You give off self-respect, they treat you with self-respect, you give off dull vibes, the person with you would be dull as well. Note, I’m not saying that I’m not insecure sometimes or other people aren’t insecure sometimes, everyone gets insecure but keep that within you. Don’t be putting it out there for the world to know that you’re not confident cause that’s like giving people free tickets to pull you down.

Speaking of confidence, I feel confidence stem from different things for different people. For some people, they elude confidence when they know they look amazing, some maybe because they’re so smart and they know whatever they say will make people stare, some is when their hair is neatly done, so many things cause people to be confident. Another one, is when they have white teeth and they can smile proudly, some others or maybe even majority of people feel confident when they have nice flawless skin which is what we would be delving into today!

(Notice my smooth transition! Hahahaha. Yes, that’s where I was going with my entire speech😂😂😂)

I just think that skin care is super important and it’s not just about looking fresh or flawless but just taking some time out of the day to notice how you look or to just take care of yourself. Bathing is skin care! Cause you’re caring for your skin. Standing in the mirror noticing that your face is suddenly getting oily often and thinking of how to get rid of it is skin care! Literally, the only skin care I do is rubbing soap on my face 10 minutes before I bath (cause I have super oily face and that dries it up so when I rub cream, it doesn’t make it worse) and believe me, when I do that, it makes me feel so good. Taking care of yourself feels nice, trust me…and Gigi Hadid!

And that is why todayyyy we’ll be talking about our skin and routines. Of course, what works for one person mightn’t work for the other so any of this stuff might not be for you b but you get my point behind this.



I’m Tumi Ademola. I am a very cuddly & bubbly person.Respect is a big thing for me, I won’t ever treat a person in a way I won’t be treated. I like to engage myself, learn new things, I like to read,sleep,bingewatch 😂. I’m very much so an ambivert meaning, I have both traits of extrovert or introvert but I’m 80% introverted😂. I love to cook , your girl can throw it down !!! I’m a good cook period you can’t live with me and be hungry never !!!! 😂😂
I’m Sarah Song. I’m a skillful person with dreams and goals I hope to achieve. Love , Hardwork, Faith , Trust and Honesty are the key things to my daily life . Believing in myself is something I hold dearly to my heart. I believe I can do anything so why not try it and see what happens.
I’m Simisola Ojora. I’m someone who once I set my mind to something no matter how long it takes, I must achieve it.
I’m someone who wants to go out but once given the opportunity I get tired.
I’m lazy but can also be very hardworking.
I love music.
I love food especially junk food.
My name is Simi Awolowo. I am a freshman at Morgan state University. I am a biology major and a chemistry minor. I live in Maryland, USA. I enjoy making tik tok videos and eating lol.


1. First of all, what type of skin do you have?

Tumi: I’ll say I have dry skin but my skin isn’t tooo dry.

Sarah: I have combination skin cause my T-zone is quite oily.

Simi.O: I have combination skin.

Simi.A: I have normal to dry skin. Basically, combination skin.

2. What is your skincare routine and what product do you use?

Tumi: Well, I use black soap on my face literally every day ! It’s the best thing ever lol, because it strips off all the dirt on your skin literally, followed by a face scrub (clean& clear). I use this face scrub once a week. Then I moisturize with rose water facial spray which I use every other day, a few pumps on my face and I let it sink in and then I finish up with ponds moisturizer. It’s really simple, I try not to do too much.

Sarah: I actually focus mainly on my face cause I’m a face model. Plus I don’t really have pimples, I just have breakouts once in a while which come in form of tiny rashes. I use Tea tree facial scrub and full wash. It’s the only product I use and I try to bath twice a day. I’m trying to start incorporating facial wipes in my routine; like in my bag when I’m going out to clean my face when it gets oily during the day.

Simi.O: Well, I cleanse first like that’s the most important. Cleanse before doing anything then rinse my face with warm or close to hot water to open my pores, then I wash my face with my facial wash. These steps are done everyday then I scrub my face 3 times a week. I usually have like days when I scrub my face then I wash off the scrub with cold water to reduce my pores and I clean with paper towel cause apparently using a face towel is not as clean as using paper towel cause you could just use that and throw it away unlike face towel that you reuse for like 3 days max and the germs will still be there or something like that but honestly if you can’t afford using paper towel stick with your face towel. You won’t die, just be hygienic with it and wash it regularly and I advise using a white one so you’ll easily know when it’s dirty anyways. ohhh I forgot I use this facial brush that spins to wash my face. It gets all the dirt out compared to using your hand that’s my opinion sha ok so after all the washing and scrubbing and things that involve water I use this clarifying gel. First, I rub it until it’s absorbed and I usually stay infront of the fan or switch on the ac because for some reason when I finish washing and cleaning my face, I sweat a lot so I just stay in front of the fan. After that, I use my moisturizer and then sunscreen but at night I use only the moisturizer and gel sometimes only the gel and I’m done. The products I use are beauty formula tea tree and charcoal products then I use cetaphil as moisturizer and a normal sunscreen.

Simi.A: My skin care routine goes like cleanser-treatment/serum-moisturizer-sunscreen(people of color think they don’t need sunscreen but it’s VERY important). I use cerave and the the ordinary/INKEY list. Right now I’m using either cerave cream to foam cleanser or the SA renewing cleanser then I use hyaluronic acid and niacinamide from INKEY list( I used to use ordinary, it’s a great brand I’m just trying this brand out) the I use cerave moisturizing lotion and sunscreen.

3. Do you have breakouts? How do you resolve them without drying out your skin?

Tumi: Umm, I wouldn’t say I have breakouts but I do get some silly spots on my face once in a while but I’ve always had great skin, so I really just leave it alone. I don’t touch it or pop it (please stop popping your pimples!!!!!). I let it be and literally before the end of the week, it’s just gone.

Sarah: Whenever I have breakouts, I notice early cause of my face modeling so I try to always have a clear skin. I wash my face twice a day and I use glow oil to keep it moisturized.

Simi.O: I have breakouts. Well, I honestly try to drink a lot of water. I really try cause I’m not the type that drinks water much, then I focus on my skincare and oh yh I reduce my oil intake and most times it comes when I’m almost at that point of the month so yeah.

Simi.A: I used to have breakouts but since this new routine I haven’t had any.

4. Do you use DIYs for your skincare? If yes, how do you use them?

Tumi: No, I do not use DIYs for my skin 😭 I’m too scared to.

Sarah: Nope, I tried it but I’m too lazy so I didn’t continue.

Simi.O: No I don’t.

Simi.A: I use DIY lip scrubs but not skin care because making it at home might seem “natural”, but there are germs not visible that you would just put on your face and I just think we should leave it to the scientists. The only type of DIY I can actually use is honey.

5. Any tips on continual healthy skin?

Tumi: – If you have constant break out it’s because your skin doesn’t like what you’re giving it that may be in terms of food,drinks, makeup & skin product .

– Identify your skin type and cater directly to it. What do I mean ? If you have oily skin don’t buy products for dry skin.

– Finding the perfect regimen is going to take time, the process is annoying but it’s necessary; you’ll have to try new things, but be intentional, watch how your skin reacts to it and once it’s not a positive turnout just leave it alone. I know the money spent will upset you but it’s better than taking your skin down a terrible path but also do your research. Although our skin differs, find out enough about a product before you buy it.

-For those with sensitive skin, please make sure the product is safe for people with sensitive skin.

-Your hands carry a lot of bacteria, so try touching your face less, if you can get the facial brush for washing your face please do !

Lastly, this may not be good advice lol, but I am a sticker !! If something works for me I stick to it lol … stick to your regimen

Sarah: Well, I heard drinking water is very good so do that! Don’t touch your face cause your hands get dirty. Don’t let people touch your face. Try to give products time cause they aren’t magic. You’ll know if it’s working after 2-3 weeks. Don’t jump into using multiple products. Consistency is key when using products and once you notice you’re reacting to it, then stop.

Simi.O: Well for healthy skin, you’ve probably heard them before but it’s the same everywhere 😂.
Drink water
Exercise not really a full blown exercise maybe jog or jumping jacks or skipping just something to make you sweat a little in helps to unclog pores
Do your skincare regularly
If you wear makeup, make sure to take everything off like everything off before you sleep
Wash your face at least twice a day
Eat well, eat healthy. I’m not saying don’t eat junk ohhh just know how to balance both junk food and healthy food.

Simi.A: Something I just came to realize that saved me is to be consistent, it might not come immediately, it might even take years and not everything works for everyone, there are many factors to consider in skin care so just because something worked for someone doesn’t guarantee it would work for you.

6. How much skin care is too much skincare?

Tumi: I feel like I can’t give a good response to that 😂😂 because I feel like people may do different things because each skin needs something different, something more or less. But when you start looking too oily ? I guess lol but one thing is for sure though if you’re doing too much your skin will tell you. Like I said, keep it as simple as possible. These things may work for us but they are still chemicals ; cater to your skin and keep it simple.

-face wash

-face scrub

-lip scrub(optional)



And I also feel like not all products are supposed to be used at the same time. For example, if you have 2 moisturizers why use two at a time? I feel like I’m rambling. I’m no esthetician. I’m just talking from what I know lol.

Sarah: For me, I think 3-4 products at once is enough. Don’t overload too many products on your body.

Simi.O: Skincare is too much when your skincare routine is too long.
Applying three different moisturizers is unnecessary
Using three different wash is unnecessary
Three different serum very unnecessary
Just pick the basics you feel you need and use it

Simi.A: I think there should be just the four basic step in skin care: cleanse, treatment, moisturize and sunscreen (and maybe masks once a week or every two weeks), try to keep your skin care routine as minimal as possible!


7. Is cereal soup? Why or why not?

Tumi: Is cereal soup ke ? How can cereal be soup?? Cereal is not soup because it’s just milk and a cereal!! Soup is made on the stove with various ingredients most times broth. I will fight the person that says cereal is soup 😂😂😂

Sarah: Cereal isn’t soup because it’s not like cooked…like it doesn’t have spices and stuff.

Simi.O: Cereal is not soup because it’s not spicy, it doesn’t have any seasoning

Simi.A: Soup is considered a liquid food made by boiling or simmering meat, fish, or vegetables with various added ingredients so cereal is not a soup.

8. How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?

Tumi: OK, at first when my little cousin asked for it as a topping, I looked at her like she was crazy BUT it’s actually really good! But it’s also a preference thing, if you don’t like pineapples, 9 out of 10 you won’t like it as a topping but I love pineapples 🥰🥰.

Sarah: Ew, I can’t even think of it. I heard it’s nice but I don’t think I want to try it…or maybe I do.

Simi.O: Pineapple on pizza is gross.


9. How many chickens would it take to kill an elephant?

Tumi: Chicken to kill an elephant? It’s impossible, I don’t care how many chickens 😂😂 the elephant will step on all of them.

Sarah: 500…actually 1000 chickens poking at once might make it weak.

Simi.O: It’s impossible no matter the amount of chickens they can’t kill an elephant they’ll always run away.

Simi.A: I read that an average elephant weighs 6000kg and an average chicken 2,72kg so I’m guessing 2208 chickens?😂

10. Would you rather be stuck in the ocean forever or in the desert? Why?

Tumi: In an ocean please😂😂. At least I can drink water, swim, it’s dangerous lol but not as bad as a dessert.

Sarah: Desert, cause when I’m thirsty I can’t drink that ocean water plus I can’t even kill fish or anything so let me just die in the desert.

Simi.O: Ocean because water is life and I’ll live longer compared to desert. The human body can only stay 3 days without water after that, you’re on your road to death.

Simi.A: I’d rather be stuck in the ocean because I feel like there’s way more stuff like water, seafood but then again I’ll be too scared of the water so I don’t know 😭

I think skin care is super important and it’s not just about looking nice or anything (I mean, of course everyone wants to look nice) but it’s more about taking that time out of the day or week to just focus on you. Self care is amazing!

Anyways, I really really hope you guys enjoyed that! And I hope you got the message behind this, not just oh fresh face yadi yadi yada.

Imma conclude this now and go prepare for my test that is actually on this day. I might’ve written it already before this gets published but still wish me luck! Love y’all so much! Kisses!🤍

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