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It’s Boxing Day and sadly, presents don’t come in boxes where I come from but I’m alright!

So you’re probably wondering why I’m publishing this post super late well it’s cause my Christmas Day came late 😂. I actually celebrated Christmas today! And I promised I would tell you guys how my Christmas went so here it is….

Day 9: How my Christmas went!

Firstly, if you want to know how yesterday went. I basically spent Christmas Day in the salon. Yes, I made my hair yesterday then I came back home and ate twice before bed so you can tick eating off the list of stuff I wanted to do yesterday but todayyyyyyyyyy,

Bruh, remember I said I wanted to wake up by like 7-8? Well guess what? Your bish woke up by 6! My mum actually came to wake my sister and I by 5 cause we had an elderly visitor so we had to prepare breakfast for him but my sister and I went back to bed immediately after she woke us up, so she came back by 6 again to yell at us and that was when we finally arose so,

Waking up 7-8

Thennnnn I eventually fried fish TWICE so

Not being the one to fry fish

I also didn’t get any sleep at all cause my cousins and family friends came over but it was super fun even though we’re still currently handling clean up.

I think everyone can agree that clean up is literally the worse part of having hangouts or parties. Even preparation isn’t that bad! Like now, my cousins helped in the cooking this morning so it was fun but you see the clean up, after everyone has gone, I detest it!

But anyways, I guess I could say my Christmas was fun. We ate alotttt, laughed alotttttt, attempted TikToks, my dog chased one of cousins and he flewwww, like almost to the hood of our car so yeah, it was nice.

So that’s all I came to say. I’m actually super tired, I just did this cause I promised yawns but yeah, love you guys so much. I hope you’re happy and doing great!

Anticipate next week’s posts cause they’re juicyyyyyyyy!

Alright, byeeeeeee💝


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