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Wassuppppp?! How you doingggg?!

I woke up to Christmas songs and it put me in a sweet mood, if you can tell.

Guys, I don’t know how to tell you how I’m feeling! I don’t know how to explain to you the feelings within me, bruv!

This year’s Christmas is making me miss last year’s Christmas even though last year’s Christmas wasn’t even as great as two years ago..

I don’t know if y’all remember but people were saying that last year’s Christmas was weird and if only we knew that it was preparing us for this year😂. At least I got to go to Carols with my friends, my church had this fashion show, there were outings and hangouts that weren’t restricted and we didn’t have to hide smiles behind masks unlike this year. I’m literally Logan in his new song…

I have literally no idea what’s happening tomorrow. For all I know, I might be home from morning to night but then again, our Christmas celebrations have always been kinda spontaneous so today’s Blogmas….


I’m hoping I wake up by like 8 or 9, not too late and not too early. Knowing my mother, I highly doubt this but man can only wish.

Lord, may I not be the one to grate the carrots tomorrow. Give me the duty of jollof rice, Lord. Lord, your daughter has sustained enough cuts and burn marks this year so may I not also be the one to fry the fish.

Lord, you said ask and it’ll be given unto you. God please, I want shawarma. When I ask tomorrow, let it be so.

What else sef?

This is quite tough cause all I want is to sleep and eat.

Lord, just surprise me in your own way.

I was going to say “I hope nothing ruins my mood” but that’s practically impossible in an African home. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, your mood must change😂.

For some reason, I can’t seem to focus on one thing on this blog. First, I’m wishing then I’m praying now I’ll soon enter storytime. Blame it on the people blowing bangers outside😩. Not to be a snowflake or a grinch, but I thought they banned these things! Whyyyyyy??!! Why do these people just want to give me headache? They just want to stress me!

I have nothing against fireworks, oh they’re beautiful and not as loud. Even those little disco lights or bisco lights, I think that’s the brand name, I don’t know. I have nothing against those but you see this banger? It’s annoying! I’m sorry to whoever I offended but I just can’t!

Ib, you’re going off topic!

Honestly though, all I want for Christmas is a really long and nice sleep, very nice food and I guess, my Netflix. Oh and shawarma! Can’t forget that!

I’m not demanding too much cause man don’t wanna be disappointed 😬.

OH MY GOD! I almost forgot! Y’all I feel like ranting! I feel bringing down heaven right now!

ASUU and the government got me boilingggggggggg!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

Wait wait! we’ve been begging, “Please call off the strike. Please call off the strike” but noooooo, y’all told us to go learn a trade and then two days to Christmas, I see:

Headlines: ASUU calls off strike and says that schools are to open resume immediately.

Excusez moi??? Am I a joke to you? I don’t wear make up so how do I look like a clown because whuttttttt? I feel like spilling some Yoruba right now but I’m being considerate to those who don’t understand!

I’m even still processing this. After months and months! That our mates have gone to school and come back! That Christmas is tomorrow and New year is next week! That we’re about to enter another lockdown…that’s when y’all deemed it fit to call off the strike?

The people of Nigeria never cease to amaze me, honestly 😂.

I’m going to cut short my rant cause this is Blogmas not the usual post buttttttttttt hmmmmmm, if they decide to go back on strike after lockdown has ended….

All I can do is pray for them cause God, you said seventy times seven times so it’s alright, we’ll see…it’s okay

Anyways, that’s the end of today’s post! On Day 9, which will be Saturday, I’ll tell you in details how my Christmas went. If it went as I expected or not.

Alright, love you guys so muchhhh! We’ll be clocking a year soonnnnnn! I’m so excited, been counting down for ages! I love and appreciate you guys so so muchhhh❤️.

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Love you guys so much and see you on Saturday! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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