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Hey y’all!!!!

How have you been? Hope everything’s going on fine? To anyone having a tough time, know that there’s someone out there that loves you and that’s me! I love love love you so muchhhhh so don’t forget that! My dms are always open if you need anyone to talk to. I love you, the world needs you so keep going.

This is literally my wallpaper

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m being all mushy well it’s cause I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure recently especially coming from the standpoint of this blog. This post is normally supposed to come out on Monday cause I post every Monday and cause of the Blogmas I’m doing, it’s now Monday, Wednesday and Friday but that’ll end on the 1st of January. Anywayssss so, there are some days that I just get tired or fatigued and I’m like, “Why are you even doing this?”. Yesterday, I was so tired cause I followed my mum to share gifts at her headquarters and I was feeling pressured cause I hadn’t worked on the blog I was supposed to publish yesterday.

I was most especially disappointed cause I promised that I would be consistent in my postings so not being able to publish the post yesterday took it’s toll on me and I felt like I was letting y’all down. I know I have an averagely small audience so I cherish y’all so much and I just took it to heart and throughout yesterday I was bummed.

The pressure has also been coming from me trying to make the blog better. I’ve been thinking of how to switch things up as we’re entering the new year and my one year anniversary is literally on the 31st of December (I owe you a storytime, I know😂) so I’ve been thinking of ways to start incorporating the content that I really want to bring out. There are some really touchy stuff that I want to discuss on this blog and you guys know that I’m big on letting people share their views and inviting people on to discuss stuff but these topics are super sensitive and I’m kinda looking of a way to be able to still share it so people can learn and also be able to protect the guests as well. You get me?

Yeah so, just generally looking for ways to make the blog better and more interesting for you guys as we clock TWO YEARS!

So I woke up still feeling down and the first thing I saw was the “Good Morning” from my Siri and then that wallpaper above and it just made me smile 😁. Little stuff like that matter

Anyways, I just thought I’d be vulnerable and share this with you guys🤷🏽‍♀️.

I know, I know, this isn’t the usual hyped vibe you were expecting for my blogmas and I’m sowiiii. It’s just one of those days…you gotta have them sometimes. Like Dixie D’Amelio said, “Sometimes you gotta break your heart to heal it”.

I don’t know why I said that, I don’t know how it correlates but I SAID WHAT I SAID!

So I thought, just so the Christmas spirit isn’t lost yet (even though most countries will soon be going back into lockdown), I thought I’d…


Getting into it cause I can’t think of any badass statement to say after that😂

1. What are your favorite Christmas tradition?

Me: Playing Christmas songs when we wake up.

Lizzy: Cooking

Ire: Giving gifts

David: Listening to Christmas songs in the morning.

2. What was your Christmas gift?

Me: Money 😂

Lizzy: The feeling of being at the beach two years ago with my family and friends was my favorite gift.

Ire: An Ice watch from my mum

David: Wristwatch

3. What is one thing you wish you could do/have for Christmas?

Me: I wish I could have more facilities and funds to do a massive Christmas giveaway, sadly…I don’t but next Christmas is for sure!

Lizzy: A new bicycle!

Ire: A new phone!

David: A new tablet

4. Your craziest or memorable Christmas experience?

Me: My most memorable Christmas was two years ago. We were at the beach with my family and friends. It was super cute!

Lizzy: Two years ago, we spent our Christmas at the beach and I was having so much fun playing in the water with my friends forgetting that my phone was in my friend’s bag and we were busy dancing around in the water and she fell in it. Long story cut short, my phone spoilt. I can never forget that day.

Ire: Last year, cause we didn’t do anything. That. Was. Crazy

5. What’s your favorite Christmas ornament?

Me: The Gold star

Lizzy: Actual candy canes

Ire: The bells

6. Would you rather have Christmas at home or in a new destination?

Me: I literally spent the whole year at home so A NEW DESTINATION PLEASE!

Lizzy: A new destination as long as it’s with my family.

Ire: A new destination

David: At home cause it’s fun

7. If you were to start a new tradition, what would it be?

Me: Not opening any of the gifts till evening!

Lizzy: Everybody must participate in the cooking on Christmas mornings?

Ire: Writing our names in papers and picking random members of the family to get gifts for.

And now it gets interesting,

8. One thing you don’t like about me?

Lizzy: You like to make fun of me

Ire: You have more followers than me on Ig.

David: You like to punish me!

9. Something other people don’t know about me?

Lizzy: You like to paint your toe nails cause you don’t think they’re pretty.

Ire: You’re addicted to YouTube.

David: You’re mean!

10. Your favorite thing about me?

Lizzy: You like to give me stuff.

Ire: You talk a lot and I like listening to you talk.

David: You like to give me stuff!

Awwnnn thank you thank you, y’all are too muchhhhhhh🙈

Anywayssss, that was just for fun and so I don’t ruin the Blogmas spirit so I hope you guys enjoyed the post. Stay tuned for Day 7! Love you guys so muchhhh!




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