#blogging Blogmas Christmas Games Series


Bon soir Mesdemoiselles et Messieurs!

I’m hoping I spelt that right😂😂 but yeahh

Ca va? Hope y’all are gooddddd. I hope you’ve got your decorations up, if you haven’t by now….well I see that you’re not as jobless as the rest of us so…

Anyways, it’s the 6th day of my blogmasss! We’re halfway there everybody! I can’t believe I made it this far, I mean the last 5 blogmas posts were not easy and I thought I would…

How the people doing 31 Days of Blogmas are looking at me rn

Anywaysssss, today is the 6th Day so we’re playing a gameeee!

Day 6: My Friends play “Guess which shows”

There you have it! I selected 6 of my friends who I know are absolute series lovers like me and who would probably notice little details and I had them guess what shows the pictures I would show were from. Most of them did really good as expected! But some, I got very shocking answers 😂😂😂 but they all tried.

Not wasting anymore time, let the game begin!



Fola: Magic Mike 😭 ❌

Bukunmi: Sabrina ✅

Ochuwa: Avengers? Loki

Dara: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ✅

Elvis: Sabrina? 😭 ✅

Amara: Riverdale ❌


Fola: Sex Education ✅

Bukunmi: Sex Education

Ochuwa: Sex Ed ✅

Dara: Sex Education ✅

Elvis: Sex Education ✅

Amara: Sex Education ✅


Fola: Euphoria

Bukunmi: Euphoria ✅

Ochuwa: Euphoria ✅

Dara: Euphoria ✅

Elvis: Euphoria ✅

Amara: Euphoria ✅


Fola: Glee ❌

Bukunmi: Never Have I Ever ✅

Ochuwa: Never Have I Ever ✅

Dara: Never Have I Ever ✅

Elvis: Never Have I Ever ✅

Amara: Never Have I Ever ✅


Fola: NatGeo Wild ❌

Bukunmi: Umbrella Academy ✅

Ochuwa: Umbrella Academy ✅

Dara: Umbrella Academy ✅

Elvis: Legacies 😬? Or The Order 😬? ❌

Amara: One underwater weird animals show on NatGeo Wild ❌


Fola: Avatar ❌

Bukunmi: Cursed ✅

Ochuwa: Legacies ❌

Dara: Cursed ✅

Elvis: That Merlin film? 1/2✅

Amara: Cursed ✅

Now, onto the answers!


1. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina/ Sabrina

2. Sex Education

3. Euphoria

4. Never Have I Ever

5. Umbrella Academy

6. Cursed

The results are……

Bukunmi: 6/6

Dara: 6/6

Elvis: 4•5/6

Ochuwa: 4/6

Amara: 4/6

Fola: 2/6

1ST Place: Bukunmi and Dara!!! 🥇

2ND Place: Elvis!!🥈

3RD Place: Ochuwa and Amara!🥉

4TH Place: Fola! ❤️💡

Alright guys, hope you enjoyed this post! I really really hope it made you smile😊.

Also, if you have any ideas you think I can try as well, then you can dm me on:

Ig: ibu_kunnnn & _itsib

Twitter: ibu_kunnn

Sc: adepoju_ib

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We’re close to a year!!! Omggggggg! The date will be revealed soon along with a storytime, cause I know y’all love those.

Till next week, drops ink


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