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I’m sorry if that scared you but I thought it was funny so I was like, “Why not?” 😂😂.


You stayed?!

Okay, enough of that😂

IT’S THE FIFTH DAY OF BLOGMAS, SOMEBODY SAY “YEAH YEAH!”. Although, I can’t see you, believe me, I heard you (even though you said it in your brain). There’s a connection between us that people can’t here. We’re like family here…


(No, I didn’t say that last part so it could flow into this part, if that’s what you’re thinking)

Today’s Blogmas post, we have our first blogmas guest and also first time guests on this blog, give it up for……..


Finally, finally, finally got my parents to feature! 😂. I didn’t even tell them it was for the blog till after I was done asking the questions. I even asked at different times so the answers would be genuine!

Also, I know this is supposed to be Christmas themed because it’s a blogmas but all the Christmas “Would you rather questions” were boringggg. Why do I care if you rather have a fake tree then a real tree, or if you prefer Gingerbread to Holiday cookies, or if you like white lights or multi colored lights so yeah, I mixed it up a little. The first two questions are Christmas themed and the rest are regular questions.

Hope this would make you laugh like it did me.

1. Would you rather not celebrate Christmas this year or not celebrate your birthday?

Dad: I would rather not celebrate Christmas because there’s always going to be another Christmas but anything can happen before my next birthday, like I could die before my next birthday then my birthday won’t be celebrated ever again.

Mum: I would rather not celebrate Christmas because Christmas Day isn’t the actual day Christ was born, besides I celebrate Him everyday but my birthday is the only day I can celebrate my life, me coming to earth.

2. Would you rather be given $40,000 during Christmas to get something for yourself or $400,000 before Christmas to get something for everyone else?

Dad: I would rather be given $400,000 to get gifts for everyone else and then I can also get something for myself with it.

Mum: I would rather be given $400,000 to get something for everyone else because the main point of Christmas is giving and showing love so it’ll be selfish to only get for myself.

3. Would you rather go into the past to meet your ancestors or go into the future to meet your great-great-grandchildren?

Dad: I’d rather go to see my great-great-grandchildren. Do you want me to go to the past and die?

*in his exact words* 😂😂😂

Mum: I’d rather go to the future to see my great-great-grandchildren because I’d like to see my future generations.

4. Would you rather win a lottery or live twice as long?

Dad: I’d rather live twice as long because as they say “When there is life, there’s hope”. Besides, I can win the lottery today and die tomorrow.

Mum: I’d rather live twice as long. I’m not interested in anything luxurious. I just want to be comfortable and live long.

5. Would you rather always say everything on your mind or never speak again?

Dad: I would rather say everything on my mind. Being mute is a very dangerous thing!

Mum: I’d rather say everything as it is than stay mute.

Alrighttttt, that’s it! 5 Questions cause it’s Day 5. I wish I could do more. Infact, “Would you Rather Questions” with parents Part 2 Coming Soon!

I feel like my blogmas posts have been super short like wayyyy shorter than my normal posts but that’s the point, right? This is just a little something to brighten our days since Christmas this year is looking a little, should I say weird?

My sister, this morning, said it doesn’t feel like Christmas and it really doesn’t. The only thing that reminds me that Christmas is close is the incessant blowing of banger/fireworks in my estate. Asides that, nothing! No one’s coming over, no one’s going out except to work and now that our governor has the Coronavirus, restrictions would be so much worse.

I’m just done…..

Okay before I drop the mooddd, hope you guys enjoyed today’s post! Stick around for Day 6! If you liked this post, don’t forget to share the link, also comment if you like and then follow me on

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Oh yeah, I joined TikTok!

Peer pressure 🚶🏽‍♀️

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Till Day 6!, love y’all❤️




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