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It’s the 4th Dayyy omggg! I can’t believe I lasted a week😂 (calm down Ib, people are doing 31 days and you’re hyped cause you’re doing 12?). Low key, I’m putting you guys into consideration because if my readers are as lazy as I am, I doubt they’d be interested in 31 days, 31 DAYS OF BLOGGING! Excuse me?

Yesterday was my church’s Christmas Carol! It was so beautiful! Even though I didn’t get to go and I had to watch it online, it was still really nice and it’s putting me in the Christmas spirit!

Anyways, it’s Day 4 sooooooo


Actually, a few people probably do but I don’t think I’ve actually sat down to tell anyone so I figured why not do it now that I don’t know what to do for my next post so here we are!

1. I was nicknamed “Rice and Beans” in Primary/Grade 4

So it was Valentine’s Day yeah, and it was the typical “come to school with a touch of red” but my teacher then, Mr Timothy (I cannot remember his surname) added that we bring our favorite food. I forgot to mention it to my mum when I got home so I told her that morning while I was getting ready. She couldn’t come up with anything at the spot plus I don’t think I had a favorite food then so she just gave me what she already planned which was rice and beans.

When I got to school, my teacher asked what food I brought and I said rice and beans. He was obviously shocked because whose best food is rice and beans?! He must’ve found it amusing so he started calling me rice and beans everywhere and then everyone started calling me rice and beans and that’s why it’s my favorite food right now. Not cause of it’s taste or anything, just cause of the memory attached to it, I guess.

2. I got hit in the face!

So this was in Primary/Grade 5 or 6, not exactly sure.

It was break time so my classmates (the guys) were playing football. I was coming down the stairs and to reach where my friends were, I had to walk across the field. So I was walking and my eyes fell on my crush at that time. I was watching him as I was walking so I didn’t know what was happening and next thing I know, the ball smashed into my face. No cap, I fell down! My face was hurting for like a minute.

That probably contributed to the reason I wear glasses now that I’m thinking about it cause it was in that same year that I started wearing glasses! The ball probably shifted my retina or something 😂😂😂😂 and now I suffer from Traumatophobia (it’s an actual thing I swear) 😂 and it’s another reason I’m scared of playing ball or staying close to a football field.

Wait should I tell the story of how I started wearing glasses? A lot of people always ask how my lenses are so thick, well here’s your answer!

3. How I began wearing glasses?

So this was in Grade 5, actually. I had a friend that wore glasses then and I thought it was cool when he’d take it off and clean it so I went to my mum and I told her that one of my friends wears glasses and I like it. She probably looked at me like I didn’t know what I was saying.

So in Grade 6, suddenly I just couldn’t see properly (I’d promise you that I didn’t wear that guy’s glasses but I don’t even remember if I did or didn’t). Anyways, I couldn’t see properly so I was squinting my eyes all the time and I told my mum that I couldn’t see and she shunned me saying that I just want to be like my friend 😂 and I don’t blame her cause what did you expect? I told her months ago that I liked the fact that my friend wore glasses and now I’m saying I can’t see, obviously anyone would think I was just trying to get glasses as well.

For like a year, I kept squinting to see and my parents would scold me to stop squinting my eyes or it would become an habit and I’m like “but I can’t see🥺”. That summer, we traveled to England and my mum finally agreed to take me to an optician so I got my eyes tested and the guy was like “I waited for too long so my eyesight was terrible blah blah blah”

And that my friends, is how I started wearing glasses and why my lenses are kinda thick.

I’m thinking of my last story to tell you guys but none of them are coming to mind so let me tell you this really weird thing about me. Very very weird…never met anyone like me. Anyways…

4. I may be a ruminant

Okay guys so there’s this weird thing I do when I am very very very hungry and then I see food being made right before my eyes. I gnash my teeth together, continually, at a fast pace, just like as if I’m chewing something but the thing is my mouth is empty. So I’m just grinding my teeth against each other and it’s very very painful but I always do it on impulse anything I see food being made while I’m very hungry and that’s why I don’t watch FOOD network.

That’s 4 stories (3 stories and a weird fact) about me that I haven’t shared with a lot of people but now you get to know!

I really hope you enjoyed that! This is just a little something to brighten up your day! Hang on for Day 5, I have something very nice in store and our first BLOGMAS guests!

Love y’all always!




Omg, that stuff with you squinting also happened to me too! My mom always made me tell the time (this was a very traumatic experience) and then she’d tell me to stand far away from the clock, then I wouldn’t be able to see it properly, so I just say whatever was on my mind😂😂. I used to tell her that I honestly couldn’t see but she’d be like taa you’re lying when I really couldn’t see it properly. I doubt if I could actually tell the time correctly at that point too but let’s blame my eyesight. 🤣🤣🤣🤣


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