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Hey guysssss *haq*

There are so many things going on in the world right now, honestly, it’s crazy but I’m keeping it within Nigeria for now.

There’s a lot of confusion, hate, confusioning, anger, confusement, violence and yet again, confusion going on in Nigeria.

I’m confused, no jokes.

So this actress Rahama Sadau, uhn. She did a photo shoot with this stylishly blended dress with an open back trimmed to fit her back side. ⬇️

Apparently she was wrong. Apparently, it’s against the Muslim religion to wear explosive clothes like that so yes, she committed an offense of improper dressing.

I’m not a Muslim so I’m not going to go against or say anything concerning the religion cause I don’t know much about it. Plus, almost every other religion is against indecent dressing so I mean….

And like every other normal person, she issued an apology to the Muslim community and every one she offended.

The part that confuses me in this entire situation is the fact that she is going to appear before the Sharia Court because her dress triggered blasphemous comments.

Hold upppppp!

So she is going to court and may possibly face death sentence, because she posted a picture of herself in an “indecent” dress and someone else said a blasphemous comment.

I don’t get it👀

Why is somebody else being held accountable for someone else’s action?

I know people will say, “Well if she didn’t post the picture in the first place, that person wouldn’t have said anything blasphemous”

If I prepare food for myself and place it on a table and somebody else comes and takes out of the food and the person chokes and dies, you’ll arrest me for preparing the food? Cause I don’t get it!

This lady posted a picture of herself on her own page and somebody or some people on their own terms went ahead and made blasphemous comments and instead of you to arrest the actual offenders, you’re arresting her?


Honestly, I feel like there’s so much more going on in the Northern region right now for them to be focusing on a lady with a low cut back.

But the Sharia Court ain’t bothered about that. They’re bothered about an actress with a low cut dress.

Honestly if you just sit down and google the crisis that is going on in the Northern side right now, you’ll feel like fasting for 100 days but nooooooooooo, let’s not arrest the militants attacking our people, instead, let’s go arrest that actress because someone said a blasphemous comment under her post.

Oh My God….

Sad, unnecessary, not justified…

Moving on to lighter issues so we can laugh a bit. I don’t like ending my blogs on a sad note😞

A Brazilian doctor, Diogo Rabelo got married to himself!

So his fiancée decided to break off their engagement few days before the wedding and bruv decided, you know what? I love me so I’m going to marry me!

This wedding cost roughly about $61,000.

I’m just sitting here like,

This is like Self- Love at it’s peak! Man held a mirror and said his vows to himself. Man was legit crying! Like “best day of my life wassuppp?”

I can’t but 😂😂😂😂😂

Then he went ahead and gave this speech, really cute and funny speech about self love and how he doesn’t need to change for anyone etc.

100 people were invited for the wedding but only 40 came.

If I was invited, I’d go…..for the food, that’s for sure.

I mean, I get that his fiancée probably broke his heart and he’s like “I don’t need anybody else in my life asides me” but then going ahead to marry himself is just 😂. Wait, so if he eventually likes someone, would he divorce himself?

Anyways, hope you all enjoyed that.

Comment down below if you think that what the Sharia court is doing is wrong or right, I really want to know what’s up! Also, do you agree with Sologamy or do you think it’s insane😂😂

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Alright, love y’all!



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