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Guess Who’s Back Again!

Hey everybodyyyyy

So it’s been three weeks! Three weeks since my last post! It was nothing serious though. I normally write my posts using my phone and my phone started having major issues so I couldn’t publish my posts…sigh

I know you all were anticipating the “Girls Only Post”, I’m sorry but you have to wait till probably next week cause I got a new phone so I have to start all over from the beginning. Like the draft was saved but some of the answers cleared so more work for me now 😔.

Anywaysssss, anticipate it!

So I literally don’t have a plan for this post, like in my mind, this is just an “inform everyone that I’m back” post and right now, I’m pretty fatigued cause my dad had his 50th birthday party on Saturday so we had a lot of stuff on our plate since like last week Monday and I’m still pretty tired from the whole party vibe so bear with me if I don’t have as much vibe as usual.

Yo, so yesterday I was thinking like seriously thinking on what to post today, what to write about and stuff like that and a thought came to my head that was like “Why are you stressing yourself over this? You haven’t posted in 3 weeks and no one sued you or insulted you so why must you post tomorrow? Just give an excuse and don’t do it” and that’s like what happens with most of us.

One day, you decide “oh imma start doing this” and then there’s this huge ball of energy that’s driving you. You’re like “yes I’m feeling this” “mehn I’m made for this”. Then one day, something derails you from your path of constancy and then you start to feel like “I don’t owe anybody this” “I don’t feel the vibe anymore”.

You start making music, you know you have a knack for it, you know that if you keep this up, you’re going to go places but one day, maybe the guy who manages the studio you record in says, “Sorry buddy but you can’t record here anymore” or maybe you’re broke as hell or you didn’t get as much hype as you expected on your song and then you sit on the softest couch in your living room and say, “You know what? I’m not doing this anymore. I don’t owe it to anyone to continue with this, yadi yadi yada”.

It’s like me with workout… I’ve tried working out like 3 times since last year and boy oh boy

When I start, the first week I’ve got this wheel of energy driving me. I’m like “Gurl you’re so fit, you’re the fittest person alive like whatttttt”. Then the second week, I’m like “I don’t think I should be doing this like everyday. I mean I’m just trying to be fit, I’m not trying to loose weight”. Third week, I go “For me, I should be doing this once a week just to stretch my muscles for that week yunno?”. Then comes the fourth week and I’m like “There are some things that aren’t just meant for everyone”.

And that’s how it happens with a lot of people. You have great potential at something, I’m not saying I have great potential at doing workouts because I’m 100% sure I don’t, but like a lot of people are great at what they do but something very little comes up and ruins the perfectly laid out plan you had and then you just want to give up.

Nahhh Nahhhh Nahhhhhhh

Life doesn’t work that way. Things are definitely going to come up and ruin our plans but we have to move past that. I never would’ve thought that a time would come when I would be at home, completely useless and still not be able to post for 3 weeks but it happened and even though, right now, it has given me a bit of a writer’s block, we would move past that. Why? Because that’s how life is!

If everyone thought that way, no one would be anywhere right now. All the big people with huge businesses and major breakthroughs in their lives must have gone through a block at some point. Having the “I don’t have to do this anymore cause I don’t owe it to anyone to” mentality is crap. If not anyone, you owe it to yourself to be consistent. That’s why a lot of people say that “If you don’t have consistent, you won’t be able to go anywhere “. They say that yeah? I’m sure I’ve heard it somewhere. Anyways, yeah so you gotta be consistent at least to yourself.

But alsoooooooooo, let’s get something right. It’s good to be consistent but not over your happiness and mental health. It’s a different thing if you want to quit something just because you’re lazy or tired but if it gets to a point where you’re constantly unhappy or not in the right head space then that’s fine.

For those of you that don’t know, I follow Logan Paul’s vlogs on YouTube and also his podcast “Impaulsive”, check it out if you don’t know about it. It’s really dope, I just finished the last episode he did with 6ix9ine, very hilarious and interesting. Back to the topic, so he posts vlogs on YT and for like 2 or 3 weeks, he stopped posting and he was like “He isn’t in the right headspace at the moment and he can’t vlog if he’s not alright mentally because what you feel is what you project and people watch his vlogs to laugh and be happy but if he’s not laughing and feeling happy, he can’t project it” so that’s understandable. In fact, that’s great because it shows that he really does love his viewers and he’s not trying to be fake.

So understand that, it’s good to be consistent, don’t let a little block derail you from something good and worthwhile that you’re doing but if what you’re doing isn’t giving you happiness or is extremely stressing you out mentally then no, don’t do that. You come first!

That’s about it for today because I want to go back to bed for the third time today and it’s just 2 o’clock right now. The climate isn’t helping either 😂.

Oh wait wait, so I need series recommendations. Anybody wanna make my week right now? Please recommend a very nice series for me to watch. Thanks!

Also, I want to say a big thank you to all those who checked up on me this past weeks asking why I haven’t been posting. Thanks a lot! It means a lot to me that you guys are… will I say, “following up” on what I’m doing. It’s a nice feeling, thank you ❤️.

Shout out to Chisom! For being the first to comment on my last post! Also I noticed, a lot of you guys took a liking to the last post “Open Relationship or Nah”. Y’all can keep dming me on the kind of topics you want to read or want me to ask people on.

Yayyyy!!!! Feels good to be back in the writing space. Thank you so much! Love you all.

Till next week! drops ink


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