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Hey Y’all!!!! Last week was a pretty interesting week. I was supposed to go on a show but it didn’t work out (more like they delayed me and I’m a busy girl so I had to leave) then another on Thursday. My birthday was on Wednesday by the way, finally turned 18! Got a lot of LOVE from everyone. Learnt how to locate a site on Saturday and that’s about it. Just thought I’d let you in on how my week went. Hope yours went great!

I don’t really have anything planned for today’s post. Since Thursday, I’ve been thinking of what to write about and I had like 3 drafts but none sat well with me so I just decided to just start writing and whatever comes comes. Funny thing is, I have next week’s content but yet I couldn’t get today’s own. What kinda person am I ?! 😂. Anyways!

I know I shouldn’t say this but “We lots are idiots”.

So yesterday I was fretting about the fact that I might probably graduate 2024 and how I’m getting so much older and if I’ll be able to achieve all I want to achieve before I die and then a random thought popped into my head…

Do you know the day that you’re dying?

I don’t!

It could be tomorrow (preferably not)

Could be next year, next 10 years, hell next 100 years!

And here I am, worrying about my degree or when I’m graduating. We spend time worrying about things that take seconds to become meaningless. It takes just a second for all those things to wipe out and all that’s left is you.

What’s next?

You guys!!! YOLO!

I don’t even know why I’m saying this. Someone I know just lost her brother and she was talking about it and she was talking about all of the plans they made together and it just made me sad. Like you never really know. I’ve planned a lot of trips with my friends already and we don’t even know if we’re ever gonna go or not.

I’m stressing this y’all! You Only Live Once!

You’re not a refrigerator, you don’t have a Warranty bruv!

Get your ass up and live!

This is kinda difficult, even for me cause as y’all know, I’m an extreme introvert. I find a lot of happiness in staying by myself in my home, eating, sleeping and watching movies. Outings are mentally and physically draining to me but imma start making an effort to socialize more! Cause Y’ALL DON’T KNOW!

So hold the ones you love tonight Don’t let go, Don’t blink Cause time is gonna pass you by It’s always ticking down So all we have is NOW! ~ Ross Copperman


At the same time, we gotta be conscious of something. We will all die, eventually and what happens next?

I don’t know about atheists but for me, it’s either heaven or hell. Preferably heaven. I don’t know what atheists think happen after death, maybe they’d just stay in the sand and decay forever but I’ve got an eternity to spend either in hell or heaven.

My ETERNITY is the consequence of my NOW!

So if I wanna get to heaven, I have to do what’s required of me and that is to not sin. A lot of believers believe that living a “life without sin” is very difficult and boring. I used to think that. Like God all the things you’re telling me to not do are the fun stuff! But then growing up, I’ve realized that most of the things that we’re told not to do as Christians, I repeat “Most”, are actually just for our peace of mind.

Don’t lie

Don’t steal

Don’t abuse drugs

Don’t abuse alcohol

Don’t have sex with a married person and vice versa

And the list goes on…

Some of these things, when you do them yeah? You get that sense of satisfaction for about 5mins- a day but after that, you face the consequences which aren’t so enjoyable.

If people know you for lying, no one’s gonna trust you

No one likes a thief

You use drugs and enjoy them for that moment but after that, y’all know what comes after that…

You get drunk and then the next day you’re hungover and practically useless to yourself. If that becomes an habit, then you’re just entirely useless.

Nothing good comes out of doing these things! You just get yourself into unnecessary holes. These things aren’t things that should just be seen as “Sins”, these things should be seen as “Stuff not to do” just so you can have piece of mind.

Most of the time, I don’t see these things as trying not to “sin”. I see it as I’m trying to live the most simple yet stress-free yet enjoyable life. It’s that simple!

I don’t even know where I’m going with this. I’m just writing whatever is coming but still, pay attention! I hope you’re feeling me?!

My advice to you from this week onwards is to do whatever you want to do, enjoy yourself, live life but be super conscious of eternity. That’s about it!

So yeah, thanks for reading guys!

Shout-out to @odufao for being the first to comment! Love youuuu!


2 replies on “I KNOW I SHOULDN’T SAY THIS BUT….”

Thank you so much for the shout out!
And it’s heaven for me!
This place is just temporary, we need to make the best of it while remembering always that we spend eternity in heaven!
Thank you so much againnnn


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