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So I announced last week that I’m going to be doing a Q/A session, where I answer all of your burning questions concerning my blog and I. I got a lot of questions and responses from you guys! Honestly I wasn’t expecting the questions to be this many, but I’m going to answer them nonetheless. There were some repeated questions so I picked just one from them. That way, we shorten time and your questions still get answered. Let’s get into it then!

1. What inspired your blog name?

Answer: I think it was inspired by the audience I’m trying to reach out to. I knew that I wanted to be able to reach out to people within my generation and so, I thought of what I could use that would catch their attention. You know when you text someone for the first time, you’re like “Hey, it’s (your name)”, so it’s basically like I’m trying to reach out to y’all in an informal setting. That’s how I came up with the name.

2. What inspires your writing?

Answer: Most of the ideas I get on my posts actually come to me when I’m in a quiet place talking to myself. I mentioned in previous posts that I do this alot and it actually does help me. So I guess, some of my inspiration come from within me and some come from things happening around me.

3. How would you deal with negative comments?

Answer: I haven’t gotten any negative comments so far and I see no reason why I should but if I eventually do, I would probably ignore. If the negative to positive comments is like a 1:10 ratio, I would just consider the person a hater but if it’s like 10:5, then I know I probably did something wrong and I would check myself.

4. How did you go around getting your page?

Answer: When I decided to get serious with blogging, I started searching various blogging platforms I could use and of all the ones I came across, WordPress appealed to me best. It’s user friendly and very comfortable to use.

5. What other blog sites do you recommend?

Answer: I won’t recommend any because I haven’t used any other one asides WordPress so if you want me to recommend, then it would be WordPress. I can’t recommend what I haven’t tried.

6. Why not Youtube?

Answer: I actually considered starting a YouTube channel but there are a few things that I need to make available if I want to start a YT channel and since they aren’t, I just stuck with my blog but I would probably have a channel later in life.

7. How did you grow your audience?

Answer: Welllllllll I think it’s because of all the supportive people that I have around me because if you don’t have people backing you up, I doubt you’d go far alone. So most of the audience I’ve gotten are from my friends and friends of my friends and you know, just like that.

8. When did you decide you wanted to be a blogger?

Answer: I used to write alot when I was younger. I was always writing, whether it was a story or a comic or just a poem. I was just always writing something but I think the time that I decided I wanted to be a blogger was in SS2 (Year 5). My school was having an art exhibition and I wrote about depression. I was asked to read it out loud to the audience but we were instructed to read from the sound room so it was just my voice and the music in the background that they could hear. At that moment, I was really happy to get my voice out there even though they couldn’t see me. So I think it was then that I realized that I wanted people to hear what I had to say on certain things and just be able to know that I’m impacting people even though we’re not face to face.

9. Were there times you thought this was all a joke and you were going to stop? If yes, how’d you overcome it?

Answer: Omg there were lots of times I just wanted to give up. Most of the time, I was in school and I would stressed about classes, assignments and projects that it was becoming so overwhelming that thinking about blogging was adding like an extra load on my head. At that time, I just wanted to forget about it and just focus on my work but now, due to the fact that we have been at home, I have focused on my blog and I think now I understand myself more and what really works for the blog and I, and I feel like if I resume, I won’t be overworked by it anymore because now I know how to work on balancing my school work and my blog.

10. How do you create your content?

Answer: Like I said earlier, most of my ideas come when I’m sitting by myself and just thinking and talking but sometimes while working or watching TV, a tiny idea might just popped into my head so I have a book that I write down all the ideas I get. So then later, I would just pick it up and go through them and look for how to develop them.

11. Do you earn money through your blog?

Answer: No I don’t. There are actually various ways to earn money through your blog but right now I’m just trying to improve the traffic on my site and reaching out to my audience but when that is established, I would definitely start earning money through it.

12. What does it take to be a blogger?

Answer: It really doesn’t take anything asides your determination, consistency and your mind. Your blog site is your safe space so do whatever you want with it as long as it’s not affecting the next person in a negative way.

13. How often do you work on your blog posts?

Answer: Well it actually depends on the kind of post but once I get an idea on a post, it takes me like a day to get a solid image of what I want the post to be like and then depending on the post it could vary from 3days to a week to work on the post before it’s published.

14. Which of your posts is your favourite?

Answer: The sexuality one was definitely my favourite because it took me like a week to figure out what I wanted to do for my next post. I don’t know why but I really wanted the next one to be different from the ones I had done so I really really thought about it. Suddenly, one day it came to me that in all of my posts it was just me talking, just me expressing my own mind. Then I realized that if I also wanted this to be a safe space for other people, I had to have different perspectives, different views to show people that it’s okay to think different and that’s when “Your View” came to mind. Then I was thinking of a topic and I came online on WhatsApp and clicked on one of my gcs and I saw a previous arguement about sexuality and it was like answers to my prayers. So it’s definitely my favourite because it was a turning point for me, in a way.

15. What do you wish to gain from blogging?

Answer: I don’t wish to gain anything more than impacting people with my views and others. Anything that comes with it is a bonus.

16. How did your parents react when you told them about your blog?

Answer: My parents are very supportive of my blog. They have always been telling me to put my skill of talking and writing into use so they were very happy when I started it. My dad reminds me once in a while of how proud he is of it.

17. I want to start blogging so I want to know if it’s stressful or difficult?

Answer: Nothing good comes easy. If you really want to make the best out of it, you’re going to have to invest time and energy into it. One thing is, when the post eventually becomes appreciated you’ll forget all about the stress it took you to publish it.

18. Why do you love blogging?

Answer: I guess I love it because it’s like a safe space for me, where I can express my thoughts and also be able to reach out to the people that may need it.

19. Who is your role model when it comes to blogging?

Answer: I don’t exactly have a role model when it comes to blogging because I don’t really know alot of people who blog. The only famous blogger I know is Linda Ikeji and I want to be able to interact physically with my role model/mentor. So right now, all I’ve done is solely just me but I’m still looking for one though. In case y’all know someone who could mentor me. I’d appreciate!

20. How proud are you being called a blogger?

Answer: I don’t know. I’ve actually never thought of this question. I’m proud, I guess.

21. Have you related your blog to your personal life?

Answer: I can relate to most of my posts. I don’t think you can write on something you don’t relate to. It doesn’t have to be you but it could be from someone close to you that may be experiencing it. So I guess you still relate to it.

22. I don’t know if you’re earning money from your blog but if you’re not and you eventually do, would you use the money for another dream and stop blogging or you would try to expand your blog?

Answer: I can’t think of any other dream that I can fulfil right now. I want to have my own show later in the future though but till then I would just focus on expanding my blog.

23. Do you think you can become famous out of the blue from blogging?

Answer: Honestly I don’t know. I don’t expect that but dreams do come through.

24. Since you started blogging, have you inspired anyone else to start blogging?

Answer: Yes I have. I mean I don’t know but I’ve had 2 or 3 people text me and be like, they like what I’m doing and that I should put them through on how to do it too. That counts as inspiring yh?

25. Do you have anytime in mind that you would stop/suspend blogging?

Answer: I haven’t thought about it yet but there may come times when I have to suspend blogging. Probably when I’m really really loaded with work or when I have babies (if I eventually marry before rapture comes) 😁.

So that’s it! 25?! Lol. It was more than that but I had to push them under each other so the post doesn’t get too lengthy. So if you don’t see your question here, just look really well. I promise you, you’ll find it 😂.

Soooo we done! Don’t forget, new posts every Mondays and Thursdays. Thursdays are specially for the “Your View” posts and also, if you have any topic in mind for “Your View”. Probably something you want to see other people’s views on, then just Dm me.

Also, with all that is going on right now. I just want you guys to know that these are all just trying times and the sky is always darker before the dawn. I just pray that all the injured and afflicted, get their justice. I spoke about Black lives because it’s a movement and some of y’all are saying I should speak about the rape and harrasments in Nigeria but I don’t think I can because it’s a very touchy topic for most females and I don’t think most females would want to share their views or experiences on that so that’s a dead end. But don’t worry guys! Don’t lose hope! Better days are coming.


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