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Okay so I wanted to do this like since but I was like I’ll wait for y’all to finish watching it first. I think majority of us should’ve watched it by now cause it’s been almost a month since it was released. In case you haven’t watched it and you don’t like spoilers, PLEASE JUST CLICK BACK but if you think you can handle it then “lezz go”.

Is it just me or did this season have a major massive twist? We’ll get right to that in the moment. Firstly, I want to give a shout out to Arturo because I have never seen anyone dumber than him.

This guy is so annoying! like no one could possibly take his place. At least in season 1 I was like there’ll always be an annoying hostage but in season 3, this guy wasn’t even a hostage originally. He literally ran into the building! He was probably feeling like Bat Man or something.

Season 4 had a lot of twists and turns, tears and joy, killing and saving, happiness and sadness and the list goes on. Let’s start with the touching moments.


#1: Rio’s anxiety

Honestly, I really felt bad for Rio even if I don’t like him that much. I can’t even start to imagine how I would’ve felt. To be put in a cell where I can’t even sit and then be buried alive! It must’ve been traumatizing. I love the fact that they showed his vulnerability when he couldn’t shoot Gandia.

#2: The President’s Secretary

I was very disgusted during the scene where she was drugged and harrassed by Arturo and I was so happy she confronted him about it. Lots of people get harrassed everyday and don’t speak up. I was glad she did, even though Arturo point blank denied it. At least most of the hostages believed her. She was so sweet.

#3: Nairobi’s death

Y’all!!! No jokes, I cried like hell in this scene. Nairobi was my favourite character! She lowkey didn’t have any bad attitude. She was just like free with everyone, never starting a fight, falling for a gay guy, aspiring to be a good mother. She was like the opposite of Tokyo. 😭😭 I can’t get past it. I was really happy though, that they gave her like ceremonial departure. Like even the police stood for her! Ain’t that mad? I just hope they pull some kinda Berlin and bring her back in season 5. Even though it won’t make sense but hey! a girl can dream.

#4: Lisbon’s official arrest

To be honest, I don’t know why I found this scene really touching. Probably cause of the support Lisbon got from like every one. Imagine the citizens supporting theives to the fullest. That can’t happen in my country.

But still I just love that scene. All the support, love, hugs, even that old woman like encouraging her. It was beautiful.


#1: Lisbon’s escape

Guys, I have to say that Professor and Lisbon are couple goals. The plan would honestly not have worked if Lisbon hadn’t done her part in the courthouse. Plus those men that built the false wall in one night?! Everything was so swift and calculated. Plus the alternating flashbacks (oh I love the way they do the flashbacks) between when the Professor was explaining the plan to them and when they were executing the plan. Especially when they wired those guards; BOOM! BOOM!! BOOM!!!💥

#2: The helicopter scene.

I. Was. Blown. Away by this scene. I honestly didn’t see it coming. At first when Tokyo was telling Gandia what to say and then guiding him to the roof, I thought probably this was their escape plan but then they weren’t holding the gold so then I knew it had to be something else. Then the supposed Gandia ran outside to the helicopter and then they were shooting at him then Lisbon came down the helicopter, I was like okay maybe this is where he’s going to die and then I see it’s Denver! I’m like whattttttttttt!

I was honestly shoken. The fact that the police didn’t even know they were talking to the professor 😂💔 and then the chief was still screaming like “wtf is going on?” When everyone had already gotten it. I was weakk.


#1: Transgender Juan

So Denver’s childhood friend, Juan who we all thought was a guy including Denver happened to be lady Julia. It came as a shock to most of us yeah? Especially to Denver. Just imagine if you were him, what would you have done in that case? I would be shocked honestly, mostly speechless cause I’d have to wrap my head around it first before reacting and I like that they were real about that scene. Most movies would’ve been like “Okay buddy I accept that” but they showed the shock, the uncertainty, the disbelief before the acceptance. Nailed it.

#2: Sisterly bond

Can I just say that Ibiza would’ve been a very great child? Your father being the smart Professor and Nairobi as your badass mum but that’s never going to happen now that Nairobi’s dead💔. Anyways back to the scene. This scene was insanely cute! The way they were all happy for Nairobi. Although, I don’t think Lisbon would’ve been that happy if she knew the Professor was going to be the dad😂.

#3: Berlin’s a psychopath

I’m sure this is old news to all of us but this scene did it. The one where he stabbed that guy’s balls with a fork! Like whyyyy. I looked away cause even if they didn’t show it, I couldn’t just bear to see the guy’s face. But I was laughing, is that weird?😂. I still can’t phantom it , like Christ! I don’t have balls but I felt it. I’m serious 😂.

#4: Foreplay Queen

Tokyo seems to have a thing for verbal foreplay. First, it was with Denver who compared her to a car model. Then it was Gandia when she was chained like a dog. Thinking about it now I realize that she did it with Rio and the Professor (season 3) too! She’s just lucky she’s lowkey sexy or it’d be weird.

All in all, season 4 is my favourite season because lots of things (plus those that I can’t remember) happened this season that really tested most the characters from Palermo down to even Antonazas and although I can’t mention everything, I honestly recommend it to everyone who hasn’t watched it yet.

I CANNOT WAIT FOR SEASON 5 which was supposed to air early 2021 but it’ll probably be sometime later cause of the stall of production due to the global pandemic. I’ve been hearing speculations that Alicia is going to join the gang and that Professor is going to deliver her baby😂. I also heard that Alicia is actually Tatiana, Berlin’s girlfriend and that she is seeking revenge on the Professor for the death of Berlin. Although, I really doubt that’s true but we can never know till it comes out. What do you guys think? Do you believe any of these speculations or do you have one of your own? I’d like to know in the comment section below.


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Even though I haven’t watched the series, with this kind of review I’m so tempted to jump at it immediately. Nice one


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