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It’s Day 18 since I’ve been locked in this house. I’ve only left my house once to weave my hair and that’s it.

Honestly I’m not really bummed cause I like being indoors. I’m not an introvert per say, I just like my alone time and that’s most of the time…

The days have been really fast, don’t you think?

I didn’t even know yesterday was Sunday! I mean that’s the only thing that’s freaking me out. The days are going, time is flying and we’re doing absolutely nothing!!!

We’re getting older, people!

Anyways, that’s besides the point. I’m not here to scare y’all, just wanted to fill you in on how my days have been 😁.


That’s my attempt at farming. That’s a bean plant by the way. It’s my only successful attempt so far 😐. I also tried corn, lemon and tomatoes but they were all futile. This bean plant gave me joy though till my dog decided destroy it. I have a feeling he dug out the lemon and corn seeds but I can’t punish him cause I have no evidence 😒.


Some of you probably think I’m talking about my academic books. Well, I’ve been reading those too but nope, not them. I’ve been reading thriller novels!

Steve Cavanagh has been making my days. I’ve read all three and they are so amazing, I’m tempted to swear! The books are centred on a con artist turn lawyer, Eddie Flynn. The first is The Defense, then The Plea and finally Thirteen. The plot twists are the most thrilling factors. I recommend these books to all ye who hath bored and for those of you who don’t read books, your loss!

I’ve also read a few Sidney Sheldon books. She’s good too!


I’m a series freak, if you still don’t know that yet. Just thought I’d put it out here. I’ve been following up with my series and I also started a few new ones. In case you want some recommendations, I watch:

The Witcher

On my Block

The Society (Season 2 comes out later this year! Yayyy)


The chilling adventures of Sabrina




Stranger things

To all the boys

And others I can’t remember right now ..

Alsoooooo Money Heist is out! I’m sure y’all know already. I’ve started it but I haven’t finished it yet. Don’t worry, no spoilers. *wink*


So recently I found a lot of my throwbacks from when I was younger. Some of the photos I took when I travelled to Manchester, some of when I was in primary school and so on. So my sister and I decided to get busy. We got some cardboards, glue, tape and scissors.

This isn’t all of it though. Just like a section.

Amongst all my throwbacks, there is one I am particularly fond of 😂.

This picture was taken in Manchester, 2012. That’s my brother at the far left in the white hoodie, my sister’s in the pink sweater, the other two are my cousins in Manchester and that’s me at the far right.

You know what excites me the most in this picture?


I mean just take a look at this! ⬆️

That’s some gangstar-big hoodie-mommy jeans kinda swaggg… Never thought the older me would be feeling the younger me. I’m like “Sis! You did me well”.


My dog (Bruno) has been living the best life since the lockdown. He now takes regular baths, eats well, stretches his legs daily all because I now have nothing to do with my life.

That’s my baby 8 months ago! So cute!
And this is my baby now… Literally no longer a baby but definitely still acts like one.

I’m shocked at the growth! If humans grew like that, I’d have wrinkles by now. I don’t even think we’d live to see our Golden Jubilee (that’s 50 years, for those of you that don’t know).


I’ve been listening to some Christian albums and the songs that have really put me in the zone are:

One Nation Under God by Jekalyn Carr (the entire album)

Fragrance to Fire by Dunsin Oyekan

Yeshua Hamashiach by Nathaniel Bassey

They are all really beautiful songs!

Before I go, I advise you guys to just use this time to bond with your family cause they’re really all you got right now asides your phone of course and also check on your friends! We need ourselves to get through this.

I hope you liked this post. I’d like to know how you guys are spending your “forced holiday” and also if you have some ideas on other stuff I could try out, I’d love to know in the comment section at the top.

Love Y’all and Stay Safe ❤️


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